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Amado Boudou returns to jail: as defined by the Obligado judge

The former vice president will return to the Ezeiza prison Source: Archive – Credit: Hernán Zenteno

Judge Daniel Obligado revoked the former vice president’s house arrest Beloved Boudou and arranged that return to jail to serve your sentence of five years and ten months in prison, for having kept 75% of the shares of the Ciccone printing company, which manufactures paper money, in exchange for solving its fiscal problems.

In any case, the judge’s decision would not materialize immediately because Boudou can appeal this measure through an appeal for Cassation and detention in prison could only be carried out when the judgment is final, what would be analyzed after the summer judicial fair.

Boudou has been under house arrest since last April when Obligado so ordered and sent him to be controlled with an electronic ankle brace. Then the Supreme Court of Justice confirmed his sentence on December 3, and since then prosecutors Marcelo Colombo and Guillermina García Padin have asked that he return to prison to serve his sentence.

Forced since then, he asked the prosecutors, Boudou himself, the Penitentiary service to the juvenile advisors and, tonight, on the edge of the closing of the judicial year – tomorrow is a holiday – he ordered revoke house arrest.

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