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Álvaro Uribe: the other telephone number that Iván Cepeda spoke with Monsalve – Investigative Unit

In addition to photos of Juan Guillermo Monsalve with whiskey bottles, branded shirts and prohibited devices in his cell in La Picota, the Prosecutor’s Office has found new information on the computer and on the sim cards seized from the so-called star witness in the trial against Álvaro Uribe for alleged bribery of witnesses and procedural fraud.

EL TIEMPO established that a cell phone number appeared on one of the sim cards from which Monsalve was communicating with Iván Cepeda. So far there is nothing new, since Cepeda has always admitted that he received information from Monsalve, who insists that he was pressured to retract accusations against Uribe, whom he accuses of creating the Metro Block of the Auc.

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Iván Cepeda and Álvaro Uribe.

Iván Cepeda (left) victim in the process and Álvaro Uribe, former president of the Republic.


Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda. EFE – Juan Zarama. EFE

What has caught the attention of investigators of the case is that although the senator (victim within the process) admitted to the Supreme Court his contacts with Monsalve and even provided the telephone number from which received WhatsApp messagesAnother number linked to the senator appears on the sim card.

“Do you remember your cellular subscribers with whom you (sic) communicated with Mr. Monsalve?” Asked the lawyer Víctor Mosquera, then attorney for Álvaro Hernán Prada, also investigated by the Court as the alleged co-author of bribery of witnesses and fraud procedural.

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“With all certainty it could be 310 …”, answered Cepeda. And he added that although he could not say if the chat with Monsalve was on the device, he promised to make it reach the Court.

The other cell phone

In the forensic analysis of the sim cards and the cell phone seized from Monsalve, it was established that the senator was contacted on a cell phone number 30157 …

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For the investigators, it is obvious that it does not coincide with the one provided under the gravity of the oath to the Supreme Court, which transferred the process to the Prosecutor’s Office after Uribe resigned his seat in the Senate.

Juan Guillermo Monsalve's cell phone

After a year, Juan Guillermo Monsalve’s cell phone was inspected by forensic experts.

‘I do not have anything to hide’

EL TIEMPO contacted Senator Cepeda who at the outset assured that he has nothing to hide and that the two telephones mentioned are linked to him.

“That is clear. Monsalve sometimes sent me things. The evidence of communications from Carlos López, ‘Caliche’ He sent it to me on the cell phone. That’s not a secret (…) I have two cell phones. It may be that the answer in the Court has been 310. But in that I have nothing to hide, “he explained.

And he added: “I had two cell phones. It may have been one or the other. I don’t see any mystery. I used one at one stage and the other at another. I have clearly said that I had an accident (with a phone) and I have a way to prove that. There was no concealment intention. “

And he emphasizes that it is clear that the Prosecutor’s Office has not found any message or irregular conduct on his part: “What’s more, the evidence that I gave to the Supreme Court is from 30157 … When the Monsalve thing came to me, I I no longer used the 310 … There is no concealment interest in that. ”

The senator also stressed that, since February 2018, he made available to the Supreme Court the information contained in the cell phone about the case and the explanations of the accident he had with the other device.

It is not yet known if the prosecutor Gabriel Ramón Jaimes is going to use these data in the hearing requesting the preclusion in favor of Uribe that will restart this Friday, April 9.

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However, it is unlikely that Jaimes will initiate his argument, since it must first be defined if they accept as victims Deyanira Gómez, Monsalve’s ex-partner, and the journalist Gonzalo Guillén.

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