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Alvarado’s father says that Louse is not in Manchester because of FIFA

Roberto Carlos Alvarado was one of the most important pieces that Jaime Lozano had in the Concacaf Pre-Olympic and his participation in the Mexican national team made him indispensable for the future. In addition, El Piojo is a constant in Cruz Azul, standing out in each match to become one of the best players in Liga MX.

Alvarado’s present seems ideal, but his father revealed that at this moment his son could be playing in Europe if not for the fault of FIFA and a current regulation. Guillermo revealed that, ten years ago, he was present at a camp in England and where he went through teams such as Manchester United and Leicester.

“I was 14 when the opportunity to travel to England for Celaya came, an English boy who played in Celaya made the connections for me to go to a camp in England with Manchester United and Leicester”, began by revealing Guillermo Alvarado. However, he could not stay on the Old Continent.

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Piojo Alvarado is not in Europe because of FIFA

Piojo’s father said that FIFA regulations prevented Alvarado from staying in Europe: “For a matter of the regulations that exist with FIFA of the age they do not allow him to stay there. If not for that I think we would be seeing it in Europe “, opined according to what was replicated by TUDN.

Undoubtedly, all Cruz Azul is grateful that they have continued on the road to Mexico, since now they are the ones who are enjoying it. Roberto Alvarado can be one of the important pieces to be able to get the ninth, the elusive title that The Machine has.

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