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All the health features an Apple Watch has

The Apple Watch is not a medical instrument

It must be made clear from the beginning that the Apple Watch is not a product that can be used in the medical environment. This is mainly due to the fact that the sensors included give measurements that are not entirely accurate. That is why we are talking about something domestic and what cannot be given 100% credit. It is not equated with the fact of being in a health environment with much more precise equipment that obviously will always end up giving a clearer diagnosis.

And although it is true that it has been said throughout the life of the Apple Watch that it has ended up saving life, you always have to take it with a lot of tweezers. Although it may be true, the clock never gives a medical judgment or correctly interprets the results that are being thrown between all the health measurements that are taken.

Taking heart rate

This is undoubtedly one of the oldest health-related features that may exist on the Apple Watch. The watch is capable of constantly monitoring your heart rate by taking different shots in short time frames. But this is not the most important thing so that you yourself are seeing how your heart is going fast or slow. The notifications that are coming to you are undoubtedly the most important, taking your physical activity as a reference. Something abnormal that can occur is that you have more than 120 beats per minute while you are not doing any type of physical exercise and you are simply sitting or lying down.

Apple Watch heart rate bottle

In this situation, the Apple Watch can warn you that you are having a tachycardia without any type of trigger. In this way you can go to a medical service in the event that there is something that is not working correctly in your heart. You will always find all these data grouped in the Health application to always have them at hand and even show them to your doctor so that they can be evaluated.

EKGs, do they work?

Along with taking the heart rate, the Apple Watch also have a health function related to electrocardiograms. Although, as we have commented previously, it cannot be assimilated to the electrocardiogram that can be done with an electrocardiograph in a medical center. This is because this health function only takes a single referral so it is very limited. It can only give clues as to whether atrial fibrillation is taking place but it cannot go beyond it. In no case does it have the ability to diagnose a heart attack or many other heart ailments.

ECG Apple Watch

Blood oxygen monitoring

In addition to all these health functions, the possibility of monitoring blood oxygen is also integrated.In this way, numerous data can be obtained, such as having knowledge about the presence of some type of embolism or any other relevant ailment . While the accuracy of this health feature is always in question. It has the possibility of carrying out a control throughout the night to be able to have a very specific record of all the events that have happened in that time slot in the morning.

Control of physical activity and motivation

Health is undoubtedly conditioned by the physical attitudes of each of the people. This makes it really important to do different physical exercises to have an oak health. This is where the Apple Watch intervenes with one of its most important health characteristics, such as the monitoring of all physical activity. Here are some important parameters such as the control of the steps that are taken and even the calories that are burned. All this is set in a notification system that always encourages users to carry out more physical activity, so it undoubtedly tries at all times to make the watch cover move at all times and have a better physical complexion.


This is in addition to a myriad of physical exercises that are stored in the watchOS database. In this way, it is not limited only to walking on the street but other indoor exercises such as walking on a treadmill or anaerobic exercises can be included.

Data export

All of this health information has the ability to be easily exported to a medical record. However, this is a characteristic that is limited to very specific health systems and therefore is not globalized. This makes it possible for any doctor to have access to all these cardiac data as well as oxygen saturation among others, making it easier to control a patient in the long term. This means that some diseases can be prevented, although as we say we are not dealing with a medical team that is precise.

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