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Alicia Machado wants this actress to play her

The Venezuelan model and actress Alicia Machado is in some negotiations in Mexico, and has proposed Danna Paola as the young actress who can bring her character to life, in case her story with the Sun of Mexico becomes part of the second installment of the Netflix series “Luis Miguel”. Alice began by saying: “I would like Danna Paola … if she becomes my character in Luismi’s series, Danna will play me at 18 years old.”

On the outskirts of the venue where Alica was meeting, the reporter continued to inquire into what attributes the star believed that Danna could highlight from that young model, and the artist stated “I think we are physically alike. They once said that she could have been my daughter… besides, she is a girl who transmits a lot of sweetness and a lot of innocence, which I had at that time in my life. Besides, she is an excellent actress so I think she could do a very nice job ”.

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However, this is unlikely to happen, as Danna Paola herself confessed that she had a hard time leading a double artistic life when she went from the locations of the “Elite” series to the recording studio. At that time, her work pressure led her to make a decision, which leaned towards music, and moved her away from the fourth season of the hit Netflix youth series.

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Danna Paola has not responded to Alicia Machado

The singer appeared on the Spanish program “El Hormiguero” and revealed why she decided not to return to the fourth season of “Elite.” She explained “it was hard … I had been playing Hannah Montana because I lived my life between being a singer and an actress at the same time.” The Mexican openly spoke with the presenter Pablo Motos when he suggested that all his fans were surprised by his departure from the Netflix series.

“While I was composing and we were releasing ‘Bad Fame’ back then, which was a boom… it’s been one of the most listened songs since I released music… it’s been really cool. I like to work and give my 100% to work … I left the filming of ‘Elite’ and went to the studio, I came home and had to make calls and interviews, I had to fly on weekends … it was difficult to carry the double life ”, narrated Danna Paola.

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The artist continued: “I am very into my character, and Lucrecia at the end lived in me, Lucrecia was me. It was very difficult then to create my character as a singer. My brain was very strange … I needed to give my 100% and how everything began to advance together with my label … I said that I have to give my music a chance for the first time and start composing good music … it was hard for me to believe it until I understood what he was capable of and we could begin to see what the path was like and I had to say no to ‘Elite 4’ ”.

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