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Alias ​​Techo de Paja, ex-partner of Pablo Escobar recaptured for drug trafficking – Crimes – Justice

In a transnational operation of the Anti-narcotics Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, in cooperation with the give and Peruvian authorities, the capture of six people requested in extradition was achieved, including one of the former partners of the former head of the Medellín cartel, Pablo Escobar.

The captures were in Bogotá and Lima and the Bolivian Jorge Roca Suárez fell into them, ‘Thatched roof‘, as Escobar’s partner was known. Along with him were arrested Roberto Moisés Banzer, Jheyson Montaño Fernández, Ómar Rojas Echeverría, César Ómar Cuéllar Pérez, all of Bolivian nationality, and Rómulo Ramírez Rodríguez, Peruvian.

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The six, according to the Police, made up an international organization dedicated to moving large shipments of cocaine since Bolivia and Peru, using high-end aircraft that departed from clandestine runways in northern Bolivia to Central America with a final destination in EE. UU., and using official officials to facilitate the entry and exit of said aircraft.

These people were presented to the US authorities for crimes of illicit drug trafficking and firearms trafficking.

Thatched roof‘, known within the organization as the leader and presumed responsible for the shipment of the drug, he was also considered one of the largest drug traffickers in Bolivia and by the 1980s he was one of the main partners of the Medellin cartel.

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At the time, ‘Techo de Paja’, 69, was considered the largest Bolivian drug trafficker. He is the nephew and successor of the narco Roberto Suarez, known in Bolivia as the ‘King of cocaine. ‘

His capture took place on March 9 in the district of Miraflores, in Lima (Peru), and according to the newspaper Trade, He did not resist, but tried to identify himself with a false document such as Jorge Rivero Saavedra.

As published by this media, Roca would have returned to crime during the pandemic of covid-19, in 2020, by coordinating the shipment of drugs that were transferred from Peru to Bolivia, then to Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and finally to the United States.

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‘Thatched Roof’ paid a 28-year sentence in the USA since December 13, 1990 for drug trafficking, but in April 2018, after having finished his sentence in that country, he was sent to the San Pedro de La Paz prison, in Bolivia, to serve a 15-year prison sentence for drug trafficking.

After spending a few months in that prison, and then receiving house arrest, he requested permission to receive medical attention in a health center, where did he escape on December 7, 2018.

Since then, he had not been heard from again until, thanks to the monitoring of authorities from the United States, the National Police of Peru and Colombia, his recapture was achieved.

The others captured

Regarding the other indicated members of the criminal network, the Anti-narcotics Police reported that Ómar Rojas is known to have worked for the Bolivian National Police up to the grade of major, where he obtained contacts to facilitate the entry of aircraft to clandestine runways in the department of Beni (Bolivia), where they were loaded with narcotics, and coordinated drug shipments with Peruvian drug traffickers and Mexican cartels.

Roberto Banzer, for his part, was in charge of leading the supply of drugs with laboratories in Bolivia and Peru. These laboratories had the capacity to produce more than 10 tons weekly and were located in the northern part of Bolivia on the border with Brazil and Peru. Therefore, they were strategic points to facilitate the transport and shipment of the alkaloid.

For their part, Jheyson Montaño, César Cuéllar and Rómulo Ramírez had logistical functions in the shipment of the cocaine shipments.

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