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Alexi McCammond: Cancel Culture – US journalist loses job at “Teen Vogue”

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Because of ten-year-old tweets – US journalist loses job at “Teen Vogue”

Alexi McCammond Alexi McCammond

Alexi McCammond at an event in 2018: The journalist’s case sparked discussions in the United States

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A young black US journalist should take up a top position on “Teen Vogue”. Then tweets popped up that she’d written back in college. Now Alexi McCammond is out of her job, she is accused of racism.

In 2019, Alexi McCammond received another award as “Young Journalist of the Year”, which the now 27-year-old was given by the “National Association of Black Journalists”. In 2020, the reporter made a name for herself with her coverage of Joe Biden’s election campaign.

And this year, another step in his career should follow: McCammond should take a leading position at the magazine “Teen Vogue”. Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is said to have campaigned personally for the young black journalist – also to make the magazine more interesting for new groups of readers.

But this reinvention of “Teen Vogue” will never happen again – at least not under the aegis of Alexi McCammond. Just two weeks after the personnel became public, the 27-year-old lost her job again.

The journalist is accused of racism. She had expressed disrespect for people of Asian descent. The fact that the comments were made a long time ago – McCammond wrote them on Twitter in 2011, at the time she was still in college – and were long deleted, could no longer save her career.

Anna Wintour also came under fire

The case is currently making headlines in the English-speaking world, with British and US media covering this latest case of Cancel Culture with large articles. The protest against the 27-year-old was led by her future employees, as reported by the New York Post, among others.

More than a dozen “Teen Vogue” employees wrote an open letter addressed to “Vogue” boss Anna Wintour. Initially, she wanted to hold onto the designated young manager.

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McCammond apologized immediately and described her tweets as a youthful sin. She returned from a party as a 17-year-old first-year student, she explained. Then she joked on Twitter that she was now googling how to avoid waking up the next day with “Asian eyes”. In another case, she complained about a “stupid Asian” teaching assistant who gave her 2 out of 10 on a chemistry quiz.

In 2019 had McCammond deleted the tweets on their own initiative and apologized for publishing them back then. But that didn’t help her. The screenshots from back then were circulating again, and their renewed apology could not convince either the potential new colleagues or lobby associations.

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Among other things, the “Asian American Journalist Association” had spoken out, which also called on the Condé Nast publishing house to terminate the contract with the editor. The debate was also fueled by the so-called “spa murders” in Atlanta: A 21-year-old shot eight people there, including six Asian women who worked in massage parlors – the most recent and bloodiest incident in a whole series of attacks on people of Asian origin in the USA.

The young editor threw himself out

The publisher apparently also got pressure from advertisers, as the “Daily Mail” reports: An influential advertiser had threatened to end an advertising campaign that would have brought the publisher seven-figure income.

Not Condé Nast, but the journalist herself ended the debate on her person on Thursday. In a tweet she explained her withdrawal from the position with “Teen Vogue” and wrote in parting: “I shouldn’t have tweeted what I did and I took full responsibility for it.”

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The case has shaken the New York media scene nonetheless. As the “New York Times” reports, even “Vogue” boss Anna Wintour may now have to fear for her job because, despite the allegations, she continued to stick to the personnel. For months, the 71-year-old has been accused of the alleged lack of diversity in her magazine.

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Apparently under pressure, the fashion icon released the following statement in June 2020: “I want to say clearly that I know that ‘Vogue’ has not found enough opportunities to give space to black editors, writers, photographers, designers and other creators. We also made mistakes and published pictures or stories that were hurtful or intolerant. “

The fact that the engagement of a young black editor failed so dramatically is probably a bitter irony of history.

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