44-year-old Alexander Lipovoy shared the good news – he finally met his son Demid. In his personal blog, the athlete even published a joint photo with the heir. “Long-awaited meeting. The longer they stay together, the more they look alike. The most pleasant and joyful event in recent months. A dream come true. It remains to implement the main one. For myself, I realized that in the networks you can not hide feelings only for your son and mother. These are the only people you can never stop loving, ”the world kickboxing champion signed the publication.

Netizens were happy for Alexander. Many noted that Demid is very similar to the famous father. “Two drops! Just one face! ”; “Two from the casket”; “Sasha is great for giving me a son. I’m glad for you, ”the subscribers noted.

Lipovoy and Kabaeva have been married for five years. In 2019, the spouses had to go through a serious test of strength – the athlete was sent to prison, accused of fraud. Then Sasha supported her husband with all her might and waited for him. A year later, the kickboxer was released.

By the way, from an alliance with Alana Mamaeva, the man also has a son, Alex. Alexander does not maintain a relationship with the mother of the first-born. It is known that the former chosen one even planned to deprive the athlete of parental rights.

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