Two months have passed since the death of the presenter and actor Efraín Ruales. Efraín’s mother; His girlfriend, Alejandra Jaramillo, and his entire family are in a process of acceptance and negative comments are still part of this difficult process.

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After the channel in which the presenter Alejandra Jaramillo works announced her soon return to the screens, people have commented very positive and supportive things.

“My support for Alejandra, that she returns to the program when she feels that her heart can bear that Efraín will not return,” commented a follower.

Words of encouragement for Alejandra, they await her return

The program has dedicated a segment to highlight the qualities of the presenter, encouraging her to return home, which awaits her with open arms.

All his colleagues gave him a few words in which they mentioned how important it is for the public and for them. Letting you know that they are looking forward to your return.

“Walking in pain is a test that we will overcome for you, Efra,” they commented.

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However, not all comments are positive on social networks, you can see countless expressions of anger, since they say they are exhausted that they continue with the same topic.

“Mr. Candy”, as Alejandra’s father is known, defends her

Julio Jaramillo, Alejandra’s father, defends his daughter from the criticism she has received for saving her pain and defends her from the bad comments that are read on social networks.

“It’s good that I return … but I wonder how my life and everyone’s life will change, until when the show, please stop,” commented a follower on networks.

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To which Alejandra’s father commented with great education and respect.

“It’s not the first or the last: I just want you to be in her place and feel everything she feels, to see if you can stand in front of a camera and work,” he said.

Many people demonstrated supporting Alejandra’s father with very positive comments, highlighting that there are people with bad feelings.


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