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Alejandra Jaramillo will arrive at Amazon Prime Direct

The renowned Ecuadorian presenter, Alejandra Jaramillo will arrive on Amazon Prime Direct with the series “Sí se Podemos”. The novel, which was broadcast in Ecuavisa until the end of 2020, where it shared the limelight with Eduardo Maruri Jr., will be broadcast on this streaming platform from March 6.

The news is spread after the presenter’s return to her channel, after two months of absence due to the murder of Efraín Ruales, her sentimental partner.

Jaramillo returned to the screens of national television with a message of peace and hope, wanting to share his improvement with his followers.

“Yes, we can” narrates the first time that the Ecuadorian Soccer Team managed to qualify for a World Cup, through the story of one of its protagonists, the striker Jaime Iván Kaviedes.

The series where Alejandra Jaramillo participated, as the protagonist’s wife, will be available on this platform for one year, with 95 episodes that make up the series.

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