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Alejandra Jaramillo publishes an emotional message on Instagram

The presenter Alejandra Jaramillo returned on March 30 to the In Contact program. His return to television came after two months of absence, after the death of Efraín Ruales.

The television program held a tribute on Tuesday morning to support the presenter. Of whom they say that she is light, that is why they represent her with a sunflower.

During her presentation on the program, the famous woman spoke about sensitive issues, among which she mentioned her boyfriend Efraín, who was murdered on January 27, 2021. She also thanked the public for their support. After In Contact ended, ‘La Caramelo’ sent a message on his Instagram account along with a photo.

“From you I learned that there is time for EVERYTHING, time to laugh, time to cry, time to fall and also time to get back up. Today was time to RETURN THANK YOU to you for your magic, “he wrote.

Along with his message, he shared an image of her sitting in an armchair in the facilities and with a bouquet full of sunflowers.

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