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Alejandra Azcárate left her characteristic look behind and completely changed her image

Alejandra Azcárate has given something to talk about for some of her most recent publications. Alejandra Azcárate left her characteristic look behind and completely changed her image

There she showed off her most recent makeover, with which she renewed her image.


Through his Instagram account, he boasted to his more than three million followers that his change was made by Franklin Ramos.

Sugar She had been sporting her shoulder-length blonde hair for a while, so many got used to seeing her that way.

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Now, in the video she seems more than determined to radically change her look thus far.

There, it seems that she is signaling what she wants to professional hairstylist Franklin Ramos, and he executes the idea.

The change is evident when his hair is at the level of his jaw, and in the other even shorter.

It seems that the woman opted for a rather short “asymmetrical bob”.

This consists of the hair being longer on one side than the other.

Other international celebrities who have decided on this style are Lucy Hale, Keira Knightley, Rachel Mcadams and Michelle Williams.

Alejandra Azcárate left her characteristic look behind and completely changed her image

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In the comments, Franklin Ramos couldn’t help but tell her his opinion and complimented her.

“You are a woman who always takes risks”, wrote.

In the meantime, Azcárate’s followers have also let him know that they are happy for his change.

And it is that many assure that it suits her very well and that it is a perfect look for her.

This, because in addition to showing how risky it can be, it gives it an “edgy” style, which she has always shown off.

Finally, he completed his change by showing off his new image with several photographs in which he shows the cut at all angles.

With an emerald green coat, she framed her blonde hair and also highlighted her back.

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Let’s remember that …

A few months ago, Azcárate made headlines for one of his tattoos.

It is a “star of India” which is emblazoned on the back of his neck.

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And it is that he decided to completely eliminate the tattoo, as he has received hundreds of negative comments about it.

In fact, many They pointed to the tattoo very similar to the coronavirus.

Although she stated that at first she was more than sure of the design and the place, over time she has realized that she does not like it that much.

Currently, it seems that it is almost completely eliminated, since in its most recent video it is not seen.

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