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Alberto Linero criticized tax reform and they put his photos with Duque

Alberto Linero is another of the critics of the tax reform, but he was reminded of his photos with President Duque.

Alberto Linero criticized the Government’s controversial tax reform on Twitter, but they put photos of him with President Duque. Alberto Linero criticized tax reform and they put his photos with Duque

The former priest joins the voices of rejection against the tax reform that the Government settled in Congress.

Thousands of people have expressed their dissatisfaction with a reform that aims to give VAT to basic services in the midst of the pandemic.

And that, above all, would burden the middle class more.

Linero wrote on Twitter that “it would be necessary to bathe with soda”, since that tax would not affect sugary drinks.

In this regard, the Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquilla, said that neither he nor Duque believed that taxing them would have an impact on tax collection.

But thousands of people agree with Linero.

It already has more than twenty thousand likes and 4 thousand retweets.

But not many are convinced of the credibility of their opinion.

They reminded him that in 2019, in the middle of the National Strike, he demonized the protests on blu Radio.

And other users reminded him that he also took photos with Duque.

In this way, the photos went viral.

However, Linero did not comment on the matter.

In fact, he made fun of some memes that were put on him for his opinion.

He also insisted that churches must pay taxes in Colombia.

Many social and cultural sectors have criticized the tax reform.

The Government expected to raise 23 billion pesos in the next few years.

Journalists like Iván Mejía, Mábel Lara and Felix de Bedout they criticized the project, but also comedians like Diego Mateus, actors like Santiago Alarcón.

In fact, this one got upset due to the item taxing some income from the artists.

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