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Alberto Fernández: “We are going to make the improvements to …

Alberto Fernández again referred this Sunday to the retirement mobility law and pointed out against those media that “talk about adjustment” since the New formula returns, with some changes, to the calculation that governed since 2008 during the government of Cristina Kirchner, “which It allowed retirees to increase their income in real terms by 20 percent, “said the President.

This Sunday, during the launch ceremony of the “Anses Verano” program in Chapadmalal, the president promulgated the law that modifies the retirement mobility index and said that one of the objectives of his government is “to pay attention to those who need the most.”

Then, in an interview on AM750, he again referred to the issue “not so that those who do not want to understand understand, but so that those who in good faith read and look at the present do not get confused,” he clarified. The president explained that, “when they (the macrismo) put their own retirement mobility, they took (retirees) about 90 billion pesos to give to the governor of the province of Buenos Aires and thereafter retirees lost money and pensions fell 20 percent in real terms. ”

The formula for the mobility of assets created by Kirchnerism in 2008, which was later modified during the Cambiemos government, “allowed retirees that their income grow in real terms by 20 percent and what we are doing is replacing that calculation method with one more advantage for retirees. ”

And he detailed about the changes in the new formula: “In the previous system, in the years of Cristina (Fernández de Kirchner), pensions were adjusted every 6 months. Now they will adapt to this new index every 3 months. We are going to allow retirees to get the improvements to their pockets as soon as possible. ”

In response to those sectors of the opposition that, backed by various media, describe the new law “as an adjustment”, the president remarked that to “know where the adjustment of the Alberto Fernández government is, you have to look at the budget for the year 2021 (…) You look at public works and investment multiplied by two. You look at education and investment in education goes up. The same thing happens with investment in health or in science and technology. And suddenly you see a bar that drops drastically That is the bar of the interests that we do not pay “.

“They force me to go back to the past by lying to people, telling them things that are not,” he said in reference to various media outlets that operate alongside sectors of the opposition. “When one sees how certain newspapers or certain channels have lost ratings or how some programs called political journalism collapse, one realizes that people stopped seeing him because they realized they were lying“, he pointed.

For this reason, the President insisted, “it is important that journalism moves in that logic of intellectual honesty that allows each one to say what they believe from an honest place and from a non-biased point of view, that does not distort reality.”


Regarding the health situation in the country, he reiterated the importance of “remaining very attentive and very careful to see how everything evolves.” The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, and the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, “have the same precaution as us,” he said.

“When we see the images that I saw in Pinamar and Mar de Plata … the level of regrowth is very serious. People have been contaminated by those same media and politicians with the idea that when one said ‘stay at home’ we really wanted to restrict them freedom. And really the only thing we did was take care of them, “he said.

Other definitions of Alberto Fernández

Legal abortion

* Abortion is a complex issue, because religious elements are mixed. But I also understand that what drove me is that since democracy came to date, three thousand women have died from poorly performed abortions. Others suffered damage to their health.

* This was a fight against hypocrisy. Abortions existed, and we were not going to change that will of women. What we must guarantee are the conditions so that this decision does not become a risk to your life.

Transfer of funds to the Buenos Aires police

* “We did not want to harm anyone. We tried to repair a manifest irregularity, which is to give co-participation funds, by decree, to a privileged district, with a false argument that was to pay for the transfer of the security forces. So false was that the head of the Buenos Aires government came out, later, to say that the City is going to have worse places, schools, hospitals, because supposedly we took those resources out of it. But the resources were for Security, not for those areas. The truth is that ( Horacio Rodríguez Larreta) exaggerates and generates a conflict where there shouldn’t be “.

* “I think he should be more generous, because the rest of the Provinces do not demand that he return everything that the Nation transferred to him in these years. And that they simply accept a clean slate, to put things in order from now on . I’m going to talk to Horacio to insist that things be fixed properly. “

* “What we have decided to propose is that there were some resources that, arbitrarily, were arranged by the Macri government in favor of Rodríguez Larreta that should never have gone there, since they were not only in excess but also detracted from other provinces. That was not reasonable or fair and that is why it must be corrected, and we correct it for the future. “


* “One wonders how it is possible that cases such as the transfer of two judges (Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi) have more urgency and institutional gravity than the revision of the sentence of a vice president. That is why I wonder with what criteria he acts The Court Cristina has 11 appeals before the Court that never received any response: she was the President of the Nation for eight years and is the current vice president, but for the Court her request is not urgent. ”

“I created the commission of jurists, which some called the Beraldi commission, where there are very, very prestigious people. I am sure that in Justice we have to put our hands, in the sense that we have to correct things. Institutionally speaking, with laws, change procedures and forms. Justice is the only power that, in these 30 years of democracy, has not reviewed its operation in detail. This is not to persecute judges, remove causes or alter anything in the procedures that are in force, but simply , establish better justice. “

The renewal in the PJ

* “The idea that Máximo presides over Peronism in Buenos Aires is a replacement that I think is necessary, I say it sincerely. Máximo is someone with many conditions, with faultless conduct and above all he is a man of a lot of dialogue. The idea that some tried to install on it during these years is very far from reality “.

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