Alberto Fernández: “There is a structural problem in the health system that must be reviewed”

Alberto Fernández: “There is a structural problem in the health system that must be reviewed” Source: LA NACION – Credit: Mauro V. Rizzi

Amid the conflict with prepaid medicine companies over the suspension of the 7% increase in fees, the president Alberto Fernandez He assured today that “the health system has a structural problem that must be reviewed.”

“It is a very deep problem. It is not a problem that began in the previous government. It is a problem of how the health system was formed,” said the head of state, in dialogue with Radio Con Vos.

Yesterday Fernández received the president of the Argentine Union of Private Health Entities (UAS), Claudio Belocopitt, to whom he stated that the Casa Rosada is not working on a reformulation of the health system that leads to a nationalization of the sector. In addition, he told him that he will analyze the suspension of the increase in prepayments.

“It seems to me that Belocopitt was wrong. I called him and we had a chat for an hour or so and we had more coincidences than differences. We are not in a position to offer increases of that nature”, the head of state remarked.

And I add: “We have to lower the fiscal deficit and control inflation, and everyone’s effort is needed”.

For the President, “There is a structural problem in the health system that must be reviewed.” “There is a cost problem, prepaid ones have it, but social works also have it. I was the Superintendent of Insurance and, since then, I have been trying to see how prepaid medicine has some kind of control from the State, because they capture public savings and nobody controls anything, and all they ask for is raises “, express.

Hours before meeting with the President, Belocopitt, owner of Swiss Medical, had warned that prepaid medicine companies were analyzing going to court for the 7% increase that Fernández suspended last Thursday. The rise had been authorized by the Executive through a resolution signed by the Minister of Health, Ginés González García.

“It was something (due to the authorization for the increase) that I had not signed, which had come out from the Ministry of Health. When I found out, I told them: ‘this is wrong, we cannot continue charging people with such increases.’ It was reality that made me change my mind“, he counted.

Then he added: “There is one who knows everything in the government and he is Alberto Fernández. I know the inflation expectations, and Ginés did not take it into account. It has nothing to do with whether he was wrong or not, he paid attention to his sector, I pay attention to everything. “

Health system reform

As anticipated THE NATION weeks ago, the Fernández government negotiated with unions and employers a broad reform of the health system that would attack the financial problems of the sector, which were exposed as never before with the coronavirus pandemic.

The changes under discussion go through three axes: the integration of the public and private systems, a reduction in the number of social works (today there are 290, although only a few are profitable) and the application of tax modifications to alleviate the burden on the sector .

“We are going to have to rethink the entire health system in Argentina to make more efficient use of resources,” warned Vice President Cristina Kirchner during an event by the Frente de Todos in La Plata.

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