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Alberto Fernández: “There is a hypocritical Argentina that …

A few hours after the debate in the Senate on the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy project, Alberto Fernández once again stressed his intention to legalize abortion, stating that it is about solving “a public health problem.” The president also criticized sectors that try to turn a deaf ear on this problem: “There is a hypocritical Argentina that denies abortion as it used to deny homosexuality.”

In this sense, the President explained that “from democracy to this day, more than 3,000 women have died from having an abortion” and “a number of women had their health damaged by a poorly done abortion.”

“I did not campaign with abortion but I am convinced that it is an issue that must be resolved. I would like women who want to have an abortion to be able to do so within the conditions established by law and guarantee their health ”, the president emphasized.

National Vaccination Plan

In an interview with Public Television, the head of state anticipated that Immunization against coronavirus will begin nationwide on Tuesday at 9 a.m., and commented that it was agreed that the whole country start the campaign simultaneously.

In turn, the President highlighted the acquisition of the Sputnik V vaccine because it is “one of the most coveted by humanity.” “There are 7,000 million people waiting for it. That is an impressive market, “he said.

“There is a very tough dispute where some discredit the other. There is a trade war unleashed. They call it a Russian vaccine and not a Gamaleya vaccine, “said the President in relation to criticism from opponents and the media, who question the effectiveness of the dose due to its place of origin.

Regarding the mandatory nature of the vaccine, the president said that “it is very difficult because everything is done under emergency conditions.” “A vaccine process takes much more time and has been limited, it is difficult to enforce that,” he added. However, he stressed that “people are very confident and do well to have it, they do not pay so much attention to the songs that try to keep them away and scare them away from the vaccine, it is a problem for those who want -for some interest- to sow doubts.”

Economy and solidarity contribution of the great fortunes

After the consultation on the economy in the next year, the President stated that it is necessary to “work with great prudence” so that the country grows, so that “inflation does not get out of hand and so that income, be it salaries or pensions, is recovered in real terms ”.

“We also have to keep lowering the deficit,” he added. At the same time, he recalled the deep crisis left as a legacy by Mauricio Macri’s bad management. “We received an inflation of 54% and we ended up with 34 or 35 percent” , Held. “In a pandemic we were better than with the other pandemic,” he said, referring to the Macrista government.

For his part, Fernández made mention of the solidarity contribution of the great fortunes, voted in the National Congress. “With Máximo (Kirchner) we did the impossible to make it a real agreement with consensus. Many times I spoke with businessmen and said ‘look, it would be splendid if you lend yourself to this contribution’ and that one day we Argentines make a monument and let’s say that at a very critical moment, like in a pandemic, these people contributed their wealth to the Argentines who needed it. It would be a great gesture as a society, “said the President.

However, he acknowledged that the contribution “was raised as a ‘punishment’ for those who have wealth” by some media. And he added: “There came a time when we had to make a decision and we did.”

“We wanted this to come out by consensus and we did not succeed, but when it was necessary to decide, the political power decided,” he said, indicating that “the bulk of Argentine society considered it reasonable.” “In fact, we were not original because it was done in various cities around the world,” he added.

Judicial reform

President Alberto Fernández insisted on the need to “reopen the debate so that Justice works better because it is seen that it works badly.”

“The best guarantee that those who are tried by the outgoing government can have is to have fair and honest trials, and intelligence services that do not interfere,” he said. And he added: “Those who face this want a Justice at the service of political, economic or other power, they want to continue operating with political operators that leave the intelligence services and therefore seek impunity.”

Other definitions of the President

* “I did not deceive anyone, I did not take him out of the hat because the political moment was opportune for me. I campaigned for abortion and I am convinced that it is an issue that we must resolve. Faced with a fact that is consummated every day, I want you to women have the peace of mind of being able to enjoy the aseptic conditions necessary to be able to do this practice “.

* “I am a Catholic, and I do not feel less Catholic for supporting abortion. My duty is to solve a problem that society has.”

* “Cristina always says that politics, finally, what she has to do is organize the lives of others. It is an important day (for tomorrow, Tuesday), but it should be one more day because I don’t like to make epic the things that we must necessarily do so that Argentina works better. “

* “Power is never in one, it is distributed. I want political power to weigh a lot so that it can harmonize the other three. When the time comes to say, one decides, which is the one who represents the people.”

* About the criticisms of Roberto Lavagna. “The concept of populist is such a battered concept that no one understands very well what he means. Therefore, if the concept of populism that he uses is that of retail, I can understand it, because I don’t like to spend public resources badly either. But If being a populist means paying attention to those who have the least, taking care of those who need it, that the state is present, then I am a populist. “

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