Alberto Fernández supports Máximo Kirchner, but the fight for the Buenos Aires PJ is still hot

Alberto Fernandez, Maximum Kirchner and a score of Peronist mayors sought to close the controversy surrounding the idea for the head of the Frente de Todos block to become president of the Buenos Aires PJ. The president, meanwhile, would remain with the ownership of the party at the national level.

The head of state, the communal chiefs, Kirchner and Sergio Massa they agreed on José C. Paz to look for a unit photo. However, some mayors of the Buenos Aires Peronism resist, promise to fight and argue that there were many absences. “There were 20 mayors and we are 70 “says one of them.

In La Cámpora they do not hesitate: they point to the mayor of Esteban Echeverría, Fernando Gray, who intersperses the presidency of the party with the holder Gustavo Menendezby Merlo. Both have a mandate until December 2021, but the organization led by the son of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner wants to occupy that space now, facing the election year.

Among the Buenos Aires PJ authorities they assure that Gray is not alone. They include Menendez and Juan Zabaletaby Hurlingham. Both, unlike the first, were this Wednesday in the district of Mario Ishii.

Near Zabaleta they point out that the mayor – the President’s main shipowner in the Conurbano – is a top-down and responds to the President, who has already decided in favor of La Cámpora. If you intend to support your candidacy to lead the Argentine Federation of Municipalities (FAM). The Kirchnerist organization, on the other hand, nominates the mayor of La Matanza Fernando Espinoza placeholder image, which was not part of the photo either.

“We have our convictions, our ideas. The story of ‘Let’s go for everything’ we already know how it ends. Nobody ever said no to them, ”complain the party authorities who respond to Gray, who is now vice and this year should resume the party’s presidency until December.

They point out that the mayor of Esteban Echeverría is the spokesperson for a claim that Alberto Barefoot (Ituzaingó), Menéndez and Zabaleta share but hide. Some of those mayors deny that interpretation in private. Others prefer silence.

The idea of ​​the application of Kirchner to the president of the party was of Martin Insaurraldeby Lomas de Zamora. The mayor was not in José C. Paz. Some mayors resented him, because he did not consult them. “In the Conurbano we do not have bosses, we are peers,” they say.

In the last hours, Mariano Cascallares, Admiral Brown joined the operation clamor for Kirchner to lead the Buenos Aires Peronism. Other mayors, who distance themselves from La Cámpora, justify it. “If you take leave, they take the district.” They point to the Vice Minister of the Interior and right hand of Pedro Wado, José Lepere, who is a councilor and is on leave. “That is why he did not hold a national position,” said another Buenos Aires leader.

Fernando Gray vs La Cámpora.  The mayor of Estaban Echeverría in a party congress.  Photo: Federico Lopez Claro

Fernando Gray vs La Cámpora. The mayor of Estaban Echeverría in a party congress. Photo: Federico Lopez Claro

The defenders of Gray defend that he is a man of the party, the same that Kirchnerism despised in 2017 to forge Citizen Unit. They assure that the mayor of Esteban Echeverría does not fear reprisals from the Buenos Aires government or the Casa Rosada. “He already had against (Mauricio) Macri and (María Eugenia) Vidal, who cut off everything and wanted to invent causes “, they recall in their inner circle.

In the provincial PJ they insist that the councilors will not endorse the nomination of Maximum Kirchner nor will they resign to give up their vacancies. The mayors who respond to the President indicate that the administrative forms will be seen. Some members of the party leadership threaten to go to court and challenge Kirchner’s arrival in the party, which would represent a new intervention by the party.

Those who defend Gray highlight his Kirchnerist extraction, as an official of Alicia kirchner in the Ministry of Social Development. They point out that only the former mayor of La Matanza and former deputy governor of Buenos Aires Alberto Balestrini he was encouraged to fight loudly with Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, when they wanted to impose on the list of their district Jorge Ceballos, from Barrios de Pie.

The position to which Kirchner aspires, although in La Cámpora they affirm that he will only accept if there is full consensus, allows to control the electoral board, which defines the lists. It would also enable it to intervene the subsidiaries municipalities of the PJ. “There is no possibility that the councilors or the congressmen accept the possibility of a massive resignation,” they point out in a couple of Buenos Aires districts. They explain the diverse world that lives there: from residual Duhaldism to orthodox Peronism.

Given the unlikely but not entirely ruled out possibility that there will be no STEP in 2021, the party president would have a fundamental role in putting together the lists of candidates Pulp, who was present at José C. Paz remains absent. In his environment they explain that he is the leader of the Renovating Front, with which he intends to contest the electorate of the center and middle class Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Roberto Lavagna and some governors. However, the president of the Lower House understands Kirchner.

Close to the President they discount that the situation will be ordered and that the head of the block of pro-government deputies will take over the presidency of the Buenos Aires PJ. “We save time that helps to relax ”, they explained in one of the most important offices of La Rosada.

Gray, for his part, circulated a video for the new year with a message for the Buenos Aires inmate. “There are coming times of dialogue, of openness, of consensus, and not of impositions, of respect for democratic institutions in plurality and diversity,” he said, without it being necessary to clarify who he was referring to.

In The fieldMeanwhile, they assure that they accompany the request of the mayors to eliminate the limitations on indefinite re-elections, which put in check the continuity of almost all the Peronist mayors of Greater Buenos Aires. Paradoxically, the Kirchner organization enlists at the same time own candidates in all districts. The communal chiefs are betting on a judicial ruling or an agreement with the mayors of Together for Change in the Buenos Aires Senate.

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