Alberto Fernández said that Máximo Kirchner “has all the virtues” to preside over the Buenos Aires PJ

Alberto Fernández said that Máximo Kirchner “has all the virtues” to preside over the Buenos Aires PJ Source: Archive – Credit: afp

In the midst of internal friction in Peronism in the province of Buenos Aires, the president Alberto Fernandez supported the possibility that the leader of La Cámpora, Maximum Kirchner, preside over the Buenos Aires PJ.

The head of state minimized the tensions between the head of the block of deputies of the Frente de Todos and the Peronist mayors of the suburbs over the leadership of the party. He asked for unity and praised the son of the vice president.

“We must all make an effort and we must be together. Máximo, whom I love very much, is a prepared man, a great leader, with the capacity for dialogue. He has all the virtues to hold a position of that nature”, Fernández remarked in dialogue with Radio 10.

The President considered that “Peronism needs to open up, have a debate and incorporate new elements”. “It is absolutely reasonable feasible and it would even be convenient. Now the newspapers show a debate and a fight that does not exist,” he said.

In this context, Fernández once again relativized the internal differences in the Frente de Todos due to the course of his administration. “There are no such problems. There are more journalistic comments than real problems. Like everywhere, we do not all share the same vision. That is reasonable, respectable and healthy,” he said.

“What one sees as internal debates or clashes is the exchange of positions that is natural in any political project,” he added.

Rate increase

On the other hand, Fernández said that “Nobody in the Government thinks that the fiscal deficit is virtuous” and was cautious in commenting on the eventual rate increases of public services.

“We must do everything with great prudence. There we need everyone’s agreement and support. We have to see how we reduce the deficit and guarantee that inflation does not rise and the real value of wages grows, “he stressed.

“I would avoid giving forceful answers on these things, we have to work with seriousness and other logic,” he added.

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