Alberto Fernández ruled out increases in prepaid: “…

President Alberto Fernández offered an interview in which he said that “we are in a particular situation. One of the things that is most difficult for me to understand as president is that I speak of governing a country in pandemic and they answer me as if I was ruling a normal countryThis is not a normal country, it is a country in a pandemic, a world in a pandemic, “said the president. He also spoke of the implementation of a segmented rate increase why “with the pandemic we already know who is who“and said that the Government is not in a position to favor an increase in prepaid. He ratified that he does not intend to sign any pardon because he said it in the campaign: he considers them a monarchical aftertaste.

The head of state added: “My biggest concern was that no Argentine lacks food. I have the intimate tranquility of having achieved it. We spent two weekends of the year without having had a single looting, a single complaint from people who said they needed and the State was not attending to it. ”

Increase in rates and prepayments

If it were up to us, we would not touch the rates. I am clear that we can go to a segmented system in which those who can pay more pay more. I don’t understand where the discussion is. With the theme of the pandemic we already know who is who“.

However, regarding the increase in prepayments, Fernández said that “We are not in a position to favor increases“in the medicine of that area, since”We cannot charge people with that cost“, and stated that “There is a structural problem in the health system that needs to be reviewed“. “I have to take care of people’s pockets, since the situation is very delicate, “said the president and stated that” we all have to make an effort. “

I cannot continue to function in a normal economy because we are not in a normal economy. I’m in a fight with the food production in Argentina. We are in a emergency situation and you have to think about those who have the least“, he said in statements to Radio Con Vos.

The Victoria Donda case

“Anyone who knows Victoria knows that she had no bad intention. Victoria was not saying to the employee who worked at her house ‘we give you a contract from the State to work at my house’. the employee couldn’t work with her anymore and Victoria offered her the plan. And Victoria I would have told him, ‘I pay you with an Inadi’s contract, it would be something else, “he defended.


On the request of many that he pardon political prisoners, the President was forceful. “I give the word a central place. pardon is a monarchical hindrance and I said it in the campaign. I said I was not going to pardon anyone and I will comply. I’m not the one to forgive “. And I add: “”If they want to pardon the defendants, that is an amnesty and it depends on the Congress, it does not depend on me. “

The President added that what he does believe is that “in these last four years there have been many processes that are full of nullities. LI ask the justice to review them because there are things that are not right. “

The journalism

The president is very critical of some journalists who believes they are always looking to misrepresent information or interpret their actions exactly the reverse of how they were intended. But he believes that this responds more to an editorial line of the media than to proper names. “Me I would send the psychologist to those mediaAlthough you cannot send a legal person to a psychologist, “he said before confessing that he never went to one.

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