Alberto Fernández responded to the field because of the strike: “Why do Argentines pay a kilo of barbecue as a German pays?”

The President reacted to the announcement of the Mesa de Enlace, which called for a protest against the suspension of corn exports

In a new moment of tension between the government and the countryside, PresidentAlberto Fernandez spoke today about the protest announced by the Mesa de Enlace in rejection of the temporary suspension of corn exports and criticized the agricultural sector.

“I speak of governing a country in a pandemic and they answer me as if I were governing a normal country and this is not normal. I have to take care of people’s pockets because we are in a very delicate, very delicate situation. I cannot continue to function with the logic of a normal economy, because I am not in a normal economy “, said the president and after that he warned that he understands the economic possibilities that are generated but in any case he questioned the treatment that Argentines receive.

“The world demands food and prices rise. But Argentine producers produce in Argentine pesos. And for years they have not had increases in electricity, gas, they also had low increases in fuel, they had help from the ATP. I understand that corn grew a lot And it is a great opportunity to export, but I don’t understand why they want to charge the Argentine at the same price that the world pays. The world demands meat, they produce in pesos, but why do Argentines pay the kilo of roast as a Chinese, a French or a German pays? ” he asked in dialogue with Radio with you. “If they produce everything in pesos, why?” He insisted.

Guarantee to the Argentine what he consumes and that collect what corresponds to Argentina. Of the rest, export everything they want, at the price they want

In the talk, Fernández affirmed that this is a time to worry about “those who have the least” because it is “an emergency situation” and reiterated his doubts about the management of the field: “I don’t understand why the Argentines have to charge them for the corn the same as they charge another who wants to buy in another part of the world. Why do they have to make me pay the price the world pays? “

In the same vein, he added that his proposal is based on the “principle of solidarity” and asked: “Guarantee the Argentine what he consumes and that is what corresponds to Argentina. Export the rest as much as you want, at the price you want. This is what happens to me with wheat, corn, sunflower, oil, meat, it is a discussion that we are having “.


Yesterday Rural Confederations (CRA), Agrarian Federation (FAA) and Rural Society (SRA) decided to call for a halt in the commercialization of grains between Monday and Wednesday of next week, in rejection of the temporary closure of the registry of corn exports established by the Government.

The force measure was communicated by the entities in a statement after a virtual meeting, in which it was also announced that Coninagro decided not to adhere to the measure. At the same time they clarified that there will be no cargo control on the routes, according to what was published by the news agency Telam.

Although Coninagro will not participate in the measure of force, the Liaison Board assured that there is “coincidence” in the rejection of the government initiative “because it is absolutely harmful to the countryside and to Argentina as a whole, as has been held since your advertisement”.

In addition, the entities insisted “on the need to review this absolutely negative measure for the interests of all Argentines, within a framework of dialogue with the authorities that can resolve the future of the countryside and the country.”

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