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Alberto Fernández promulgated the new retirement mobility law

The first president maintained that “It is happy to start this year and that decree one is for retirees”, and continued: “When I took office back in December 2019 I told all Argentines that I had a priority which was to take care of those who were worse off, and at that time those who were the worst were the retirees who came to have a drop in real income of 20% “.

“The reality of retirees is a problem to be solved and very present. We do not believe that any retiree is very well with the income they have and that must be solved,” added Fernández.

Regarding the retirement mobility formula imposed by the Mauricio Macri administration, he said that only “It served to get money from retirees.”

And he stated: “We looked for the best formula and put it back into effect. The formula applied by the previous administration made real wages fall by 20% and this formula made it grow by 20% “

The president also expressed that the new calculation represents “an important fiscal effort for the State” but that it is for that “to order what the market messes up” since it usually allows “the strongest to benefit.”


Meanwhile, the executive director of the National Administration of Social Security (Anses), Fernanda RavertaHe assured that the 2021 agenda will be “the year of the reconstruction of Argentina” and, for that, “the retirement mobility formula was needed” for the 7,200,000 retirees and pensioners in our country.

For his part, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, stressed that: “It is distribution that generates growth and investment. Peronism learned that distribution is not at war with growth, but rather they come hand in hand.”

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