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Alberto Fernández promulgated the controversial pension reform: “Retirees are going to be a little better”

President Alberto Fernandez today promulgated the new retirement mobility law by leading an event in the town of Chapadmalal for the launch of the “Anses Verano” campaign.

Escorted by the governor Axel Kicillof and the head of the National Social Security Administration (Considered), Fernanda Raverta, Fernández defended the controversial pension reform and complained about opposition leaders who accuse him of adjusting pension assets.

“I am very happy that the decree number one (of the year) is for retirees. When I took office I told Argentines that my priority was to pay attention to those who need the most,” affirmed the head of state.

In this context, Fernández said that he fulfilled his campaign promise that retirees “would not lose with inflation.” “Those who complain that we did not uphold the formula imposed by the previous administration are the same ones that made retirees’ income drop by 20 percent,” noted the President.

During his speech, Fernández recognized that it is necessary to improve the income of retirees, but stressed that the new law will allow them to be “a bit better”.

Last week, the ruling party approved, for 132 votes in favor and 119 against, a new pension update mechanism, which will affect the income of almost 18 million retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of social allowances.

The law it is key for the adjustment of public spending proposed by the Casa Rosada. The new formula excludes inflation as a variable for updating assets.

“Not only did we put the best formula back into practice, but we decided to apply it every six months. This is undoubtedly an important fiscal effort,” Fernández pointed out. And he added: “When I said that retirees were not going to lose more with inflation, I complied. Every retiree knows that I am not lying. “

The law provides for quarterly salary updates through a formula whose 50% combines the variation of wages, according to the Indec (which includes informal workers) and the Ripte (measured by the Ministry of Labor); of both values ​​takes the best. The other 50% will be defined according to the variation of the tax collection that goes to the Anses, by beneficiary.


The event was held a few meters from the Chapadmalal tourist complex, the place chosen by the president and Kicillof to spend New Year’s Eve with their respective families.

It is the second time that the President travel to Chapadmalal on a rest plan. The previous time was at the end of November when, after leading the National Sovereignty Day, Fernández left for the presidential complex, where he spent the long weekend and from where he virtually participated in the G-20 summit.

In the first minutes of 2021, Fernández greeted the Argentines through social networks and made a management balance in a video of a little more than six minutes. “The pandemic did not end. Even though we have the vaccine, the pandemic continues,” he said.

As reported by Casa Rosada spokespersons, the President plans to return to the Capital tomorrow.

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