Alberto Fernández on the pandemic: “We should be …

We should be pretty satisfied with how we handle things“, said the president Alberto Fernandez by way of synthesis of what was rule the country during the pandemic. “We received a government where Argentina was very bad, with 40 points of poverty, an unpayable debt, an evident recession and a huge drop in consumption. In that state the pandemic caught us and we have managed to cope reasonably well,” summarized the President and claimed the active role of the State to mitigate the effects of the crisis and, in turn, manage to obtain thousands of doses of vaccines against covid-19 before the end of the year.

Fernández highlighted the achievements achieved by management in the last year, such as having achieved “the smallest drop in real wages in the last four years“, he agreement with the foreign bondholders and the fact that, despite the global health crisis, it was already beginning to be perceived that some sectors of the economy were beginning to be “working well”, such as the metallurgical sector. “If one also takes into account that at the beginning of the pandemic, everyone announced that in Argentina there would be a minimum of 60,000 deaths and a maximum of 250,000 deaths, it can be said that things have not gone bad at all“, he added in statements to Radio 10.” Poverty increased and that worries us, but all those who analyze the issue agree that if the State had not been present it would be 10 points higher. Is it what we wanted? No. We wanted a thriving Argentina, with less poverty. But we gave everything and we achieved these objectives, “he claimed.

On the other hand, in the midst of the expectations generated by the arrival of the Sputnik V vaccine and the implementation of the vaccination plan, Fernández stressed that Argentina was part of a group of “less than 10 countries around the world” that they could already start vaccinating against covid-19. Although in reality the number of countries that are beginning to inoculate their citizens is a little higher, the President focused on the meaning of having already managed to obtain 300 thousand doses of the Russian vaccine when several countries are still having great difficulty getting a few thousand. “My first obsession was that we begin to vaccinate at the same time that the central world began to vaccinate, because what is happening is that the central world has monopolized vaccines for them and that is why all the countries of the periphery are looking for vaccines with the same obsession and difficulties as us, “said Fernández, who also commented that he had spoken with the Uruguayan Foreign Minister, Francisco Bustillo, and with the President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, to make himself available and help both countries to obtain the vaccine. “Everything we can do to help we are going to do it, to them and to the countries that need it,” he added.

The president also referred to the debate generated around the origin of vaccines and the differentiation that some media and opposition figures are making between Sputnik V and others such as Pfizer or AstraZéneca. “Do not get carried away by a geopolitical and commercial war. Behind the sale of vaccines is a market of tens and billions of dollars and for that reason the discredit that one and the other throw to each other. It must be borne in mind that the laboratories that have carried out research are first-rate laboratories and that this cannot be questioned, “he said, adding:” I will be eternally grateful to the Russian Federation. ” of vaccines, the president also emphasized the ANMAT’s approval of the treatment with hyperimmune equine serum. “Equine serum practically reduces mortality by half, that is, there for the first time we have an element that can help cure and that above it is produced in Argentina. It is an abysmal fact that went unnoticed, “he said.

On the other hand, Fernández referred to the economic projections for next year and the possibility that a new total quarantine. “I think If we respect the distancing, and we take the necessary care, the economic activity can develop with a certain normality. What is not easy is that this happens when one sees the crowding that has been seen these days: the crowding in La Salada, in the businesses for Christmas shopping, the boys at night in the squares. That increases the risk enormously. You have to understand that the problem is far from being overcome, “Fernández said.” We must do everything with great prudence and we need everyone’s agreement. We have to see how we reduce the fiscal deficit and ensure that inflation does not rise and that the real value of wages grows, “he explained

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