Alberto Fernández: “I would not dare to say that one vaccine is better than another”


Within hours of the start of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, the president Alberto Fernandez considered that it will be an “emblematic” day but clarified that “it should be one more day.” After acquiring the 300,000 doses of Sputnik V, he compared the different vaccines and questioned Pfizer’s: “It does not seem to be the most accessible to people.”

“I don’t like to make epic the things that we should naturally do to make things work better”, said the Head of State in statements to the Public Television.

Alberto Fernández announced that vaccination will begin at 9 in the morning and that it will be “emblematic because we can begin to immunize those who need it most, which are health workers ”. Regarding the logistics to start applying Sputnik V in the different provinces of the country, he remarked that “we have not wanted any place to be the first; that is symbolic ”.

Asked about the global race against time to access the vaccine, the President stressed that it is “the most coveted by humanity, there are 7 billion people waiting for it, which represents an impressive market that moves a business of tens of thousands of millions of dollars ”. “The first aspect that must be taken into account is that there is a commercial and geopolitical dispute unleashed,” he analyzed

With the acquisition of Sputnik V and waiting for those from other laboratories to arrive in the first quarter of 2021, Alberto Fernández explained that “they all have to be good, have a scientific entity”, and although he maintained that they are not “encouraged” to say “one is better than another”, compared the different vaccines and questioned the Pfizer -Laboratory with which the Government has had setbacks in the negotiations.

“If finally that of Astrazeneca It ends up making the vaccine and if it can work between 2 and 8 degrees, I would say that it is a great vaccine because in a common refrigerator it can be stored. If I say that there are some, like Pfizer’s, that need 70 degrees below zero and I see that there are seven warehouses in Argentina capable of supplying such cold, I would say that that vaccine does not seem to be the most accessible to people “he explained.

Regarding the mandatory nature of the vaccine, he said that “it is very difficult because everything is done under emergency conditions.” “A vaccine process takes much more time and has been limited, it is difficult to enforce that,” he added. However, he stressed that “People are very confident and do well to have it, they do not pay so much attention to the songs that try to keep them away and scare them away from the vaccine, it is a problem for those who want -for some interest- to sow doubts”. In that sense, he pointed out that “there are political sectors that misinform.”

Asked about the negotiations to access the Chinese vaccine, the delay of which led to the departure of Luis María Kreckler from the Beijing embassy, ​​Alberto Fernández stated: “I tried to simplify things, I have a very direct link with Sabino Vaca Narvaja which has shown me in these months to be an extraordinary executor of what Argentina needs in China ”. “I have respect for Kreckler, it was a question of militant pragmatism”, justified the diplomat’s displacement. In contrast, he highlighted Vaca Narvaja: “He is not someone with a diplomatic career, but he has studied China for years, he knows how few people in Argentina work.”

Debate on the legalization of abortion

The President also referred to the day next Tuesday in which the Senate will debate the project of voluntary interruption of pregnancy. “I would like the law to pass, but I do not want to make abortion a matter of dispute, I want to solve a problem that, for many women, has to do with a problem for women, and for many others with a public health problem. “, He explained and remarked that” from democracy to today, more than 3,000 women died from abortion and it seems wrong to me. ”

“The rest is all hypocrisy. To say that abortion does not exist is hypocritical. I want us to resolve the issue so that women who decide to have an abortion under the conditions that the law allows can do so, guaranteeing everyone’s health, “he added.

Regarding the moment in which he sent the bill to Congress, he maintained that he did not deceive anyone: “I did not take it out of the hat because the moment was opportune, I campaigned for abortion.” And he recalled that “there is an immense group of women that appeared in 2018 to the surprise of all of us and that cannot be neglected.”

“I respect those who are against it, I know that it is a sensitive issue where religion gets involved. We are going to see tomorrow how far the parity goes, “he said facing the session on Tuesday in which” I would be very sorry if (the law) did not come out. ” “I ask for good sense, we have to solve this problem that exists and has been installed for years,” he claimed and pointed to “the hypocritical Argentina that denies it, as it denied homosexuality for equal marriage, or denied divorce. Let’s give that hypocritical Argentina one more battle, “he said.

After clarifying that “he is Catholic” but that “I do not feel less Catholic for supporting abortion,” he said that “there are many Catholic women who have aborted and who support abortion.” “The Church had another moment, it is not to anger anyone, but if one reads the great fathers of the Church, they recognize that there is a non-punishable abortion, which is the one done in the first moments of pregnancy. They said that there is a moment when it is already punishable because that being’s soul entered and became human, because the mother felt the movement, the famous ‘kicks’. The real story is that this, which occurs between the 90th and the 120th, coincides with the arrival of the nervous system ”, he explained.

Wealth tax

“I feel that I have fulfilled everything I promised in the campaign,” he said one year after taking office as President and exemplified with the case of “solidarity contribution to great fortunes.”

“With Máximo (Kirchner) we did the impossible to make it a real agreement with consensus. Many times I spoke with businessmen and said ‘look, it would be great if you could lend yourself to this contribution’ and that one day we Argentines make a monument and let’s say that at a very critical moment, like in a pandemic, these people contributed their wealth to the Argentines who needed it. It would be a great gesture as a society ”, he declared.

However, Alberto Fernández acknowledged that “It was posed as a punishment for those who have wealth.” “You never wanted to be posed like that, but there came a time when we had to make a decision and we did.” “We wanted this to come out by consensus and we did not succeed, but when it was necessary to decide, the political power decided,” he justified.

In this context, regarding the economic situation of the country, the President stated that it is necessary to “work with great prudence” so that the country grows, “that inflation does not get out of hand and so that income, be it salaries or pensions, is recover in real terms ”. “We also have to continue lowering the deficit, we received an inflation of 54% and we ended up with one of 34 or 35 percent,” he added, ironically: “In pandemic we were better than with the other pandemic”.

With a view to the “redistribution” of wealth, the Head of State said that “it requires a tax reform that I hope will come out next year.” “We have a system where the highest income is the consumption tax, which is VAT; the most unfair because everyone, the poor and the rich, pay it. There should be less VAT and more Profits ”, he stated.

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