Alberto Fernández: “How prepaid medicine is financed is the discussion we have to give”

The financing of the private health system is the discussion that the Government will give. This was anticipated this morning by the president Alberto Fernandez in a radio interview in which he also explained the reasons why he backed down with the authorized increase for prepaid fees. Is that, as he remarked: “We cannot continue to burden people with such increases.”

“I had overlooked that prepaid medicine had had an increase of 10% and I had breakfast with the fact that in January they had been given 5% more that began to apply on February 1 and that was where I shouted to the sky.” This was the argument that Alberto Fernández gave when asked about the marches and countermarches that the Executive gave regarding the increase in prepayments in recent days. And he added: “We are not in a position to favor increases of this nature.”

In an interview with Radio con Vos, the president justified his ignorance in the matter as a consequence of the delegation of functions. “Me I did not remember that in October Ginés had told me that he had made an agreement to order the income of the prepaid“, Fernández reviewed and later recognized:” What happened in December, indeed, I did not know. When I saw the 7 (in relation to the 7% that was authorized to increase prepaid) and I found out and found out that in December they had given 10%, I said: ‘But you are crazy’ This was all that happened”. Thus, he sought to dispel rumors that the suspension of the increase had been at the request of Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

Regarding the modifications that the Government aspires to make regarding the Health system, the President considered: “There is a structural problem in the health system that we have to review: which is a very deep problem, which is how the system was formed ”.

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He had a swab after returning from the Coast, where he spent the weekend with his family.

The strange health system

The president defined as “strange” the system in which the State coexists with public hospitals; the private sector, with its private clinics; and “something that is in the middle, which is parapublic, which are social works”.

“How this system is financed is the discussion we have to face”, stressed.

And aimed against prepaid medicine: “There is an intermediary in health that collects fees, accumulates resources, manages them financially, and invests them financially. And from there he sees how he pays the providers, who are always dissatisfied with what they receive ”.

“It is a system that we have to review, order, so that it works better.” Having said that, the President added: “Do you know who made me change my mind? Reality. It was something that I had not signed, that had come out by the Ministry of Health, and when I found out I said: ‘this is wrong’”. And he concluded: “We cannot continue to burden people with such increases.”

In this sense, Fernández insisted on his questions to private medicine to emphasize: “What you see is a pure intermediation system, of a person who receives your quota, accumulates a mass of money, makes it perform financially and with that pays the lenders”.

When asked whether mediation should be eliminated, Fernández replied: “This method that every time I need money, I take money from people, so anyone can solve the problem”. And he established a comparison with insurance, where the State is aware of what the client agrees with the insurer, which does not occur within private health. “The system does not work badly, but we do not know what they do with the resources. And that is public savings”he said in another section.

“I cannot continue to function with the logic of a normal economy, because I am not in a normal economy,” concluded the head of state.

Fees, corn and Donda

“If it were up to us, we wouldn’t touch the rates at all”said the president when referring to the context of the pandemic. It is that, according to his vision: “We are being reborn from the ashes and everything we can do to take care of our pocket we are going to do it. I do not know where it came from that there is a discussion regarding rates.”

“I cannot continue to function in a normal economy because we are not in a normal economy. I am in a struggle with food production in Argentina. We are in an emergency situation and we must think about those who have the least“, said the president in statements to Radio Con Vos when referring to the closure of corn exports.

When asked about the head of the Inadi, Victoria Donda, and the complaint that there is for having offered a position in that entity to her domestic employee, the President admitted: “It is true that the State has been used many times as unemployment insurance. It is true that there have been abuses. And I believe that the State should not be an employment machinery.” Although he immediately clarified: “Anyone who knows Victoria knows that it is not in her nature to take advantage of government posts.”

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