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Alberto Fernández: Argentina is part of “a group …

President Alberto Fernández made statements this Sunday to the economic situation that Argentina is going through and highlighted the active role of the State in the midst of the crisis that the world is going through due to the covid-19 pandemic. The mandatary said that this year there was “the smallest drop in real wages in the last 4 years”, despite the consequences of the coronavirus.

“If the State had not been present, poverty would have been 10 points higher”, warned Fernández and said that “we must be quite satisfied” regarding “how things were carried out” during the pandemic.

President He also referred – in statements to Radio 10 – to the arrival of the Sputnik V vaccine last Thursday and highlighted that Argentina is part of a group of “less than 10 countries” that managed to access the first doses of vaccines against the coronavirus. In addition, he asked not to be “carried away by a geopolitical war” around the world manufacture of the same.

Fernández assured that “all laboratories are top-notch” and questioned the “derogatory condiment on a world-renowned institute that has accumulated several Nobel prizes in its history,” referring to the Gamaleya Institute, the Russian laboratory that developed the Sputnik V vaccine.

Likewise, the head of state highlighted the contribution of the so-called “hyperimmune equine serum” that is produced in Argentina for the treatment of adult patients with moderate to severe coronavirus disease, and stressed that it “halves mortality.”

Asked about the rates, the president assured that the Government will work “with great prudence” and will seek “the agreement of all” and that the “value of the real wage grows” to advance an idea of ​​increasing them.

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