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Alberto Fernández announced the construction of 3,000 …

President Alberto Fernández announced at the Olivos Residence the construction of 3,000 homes in the municipalities of Avellaneda, Quilmes, Berazategui and Florencio Varela as part of the Casa Propia – Construir Futuro program. The activity included the signing of agreements to adhere to the program with the four mayors of the southern suburbs and the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi.

“Own House – Build Future” It was announced by President Fernández in Tierra del Fuego last Monday. It is a federal urban development policy that foresees the construction of 220 thousand housing units, the creation of 20 thousand lots with services for those families that do not have land, and the granting of 24 thousand loans for construction, whether in Procrear, municipal or own lots of the successful bidders.

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, the mayra Mendoza (Quilmes), Alejo Chornobroff (Avellaneda), Juan José Mussi (Berazategui) and Andrés Watson (Florencio Varela) participated in the event.

The agreements they signed include the construction of 1,250 homes in Quilmes, 900 in Berazategui, 300 in Avellaneda and 600 in Florencio Varela.

In Territorial Development and Habitat they plan to build 75 thousand homes per year. “Based on that, we are going to order the situation of the tenants, of those who have a salary that does not pay a bank loan, but who can afford some type of fee,” explained Minister Ferraresi interviewed by Página / 12.

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