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AJ Balvin was denied entry to a store in New York and his reaction was highly applauded

A strange and curious moment lived the renowned artist J Balvin, after in the middle of New York he was denied entry to a Suprime store. And it is that the security personnel did not even recognize that it was the Colombian singer.

But the highlight of the moment was the reaction shown by the interpreter of My people, who was with some friends and her pregnant partner, Valentina Ferrer. Apparently, his constant image changes prevented them from verifying that it was indeed him.

J Balvin could not enter a store in New York

The official account of the program Sole the soup obtained the record where J Balvin is seen, with his respective mask, at the entrance of the Supreme store. Although he does not hear the conversation clearly, one of his companions jokes and says: “Tell him that you are Maluma and that’s it.”

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However, what most caught the attention of the fans was the patient reaction that the singer maintained throughout the clarification. After a few minutes, when the security personnel confirmed that he was the paisa artist, they let him pass immediately.

“But he waited and applauded, humility above all,” was one of the first comments received by J Balvin. “The security people were doing their job,” supported another Internet user, making it clear that no one was really guilty in the situation. It was all part of a protocol.

“It seems to me that he was very humble”, “those masks hide the truth”, “he is humble and waited like any other mortal”, “his reaction was nice”, “the moment is funny”, “that security is thrown away “And” those things happen “were other reactions that are appreciated in the publication.

Your response to a user who claimed you for wearing a skirt

“What happened to that skirt then? The skirts are for the ladies and the pants for the hair men “, César López reproached him on social networks, minutes before J Balvin stated that” we are in the middle of 2021 “.

“I wish there was a smaller lack that day, some heels and I break it,” added the artist on his account. Instagram. His words were applauded by his followers, who also responded to the man. And it is not the first time that the singer uses a skirt for his presentations.

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