Agustín Rossi: “We will take between 8 and 12 minutes to vaccinate each person”

The application of each dose of vacuna Sputnik V against him coronavirus will demand between 8 and 12 minutes, According to what was recorded in a series of drills carried out by the Government before the arrival of medical products from Russia.

This was specified by the Minister of Defense, Agustin Rossi, who pointed out that the members of the Armed Forces will fulfill both the roles of vaccinators and support personnel, to collaborate with the loading of data and the organization of the immunization plan.

“We have participated in vaccination drills. We estimate that between 8 and 12 minutes it will take to get a vaccine for each citizen,” said the national official.

In radio statements, the head of the military portfolio specified that “in some provinces some of the regiments will be large vaccination centers.”

Strong criticism in Russia for selling vaccines to Argentina

In that sense, the member of the Cabinet specified that, for example, in Tierra del Fuego they will be vaccinated at the Ushuaia Military Hospital and at the Río Grande Regiment; in San Juan, in the Mountain Infantry Regiment 22; and in La Rioja, in the 15th Mountain Infantry Regiment.

Likewise, Rossi pointed out that the Government works “on the hypothesis that AstraZeneca about the last days of March and the beginning of April, it began to produce and deliver vaccine to us in Argentina. “

“We have the contract 9 million doses with COVAX. We are negotiating with the Chinese vaccine. We are taking all the forecasts so that next year will be the year of mass vaccination of all Argentines, “the Defense Minister remarked.

Finally, the referent of the Frente de Todos rejected the complaint made by the leader of the Civic Coalition-ARI, Elisa Carrió, against the Government for the purchase of the Sputnik V vaccine.

“It is an absolutely reckless complaint, disproportionate to the situation that the world and Argentina in particular are experiencing. Disqualifying for a political issue is not appropriate. As a political leader, he has important responsibilities, because more than he has no position,” he concluded.

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