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Agustín Rossi assured that the Armed Forces are prepared for the vaccination campaign

The Minister of Defense, Agustin Rossi, reported this Sunday that the Armed Forces are “prepared for the vaccination campaign” against the coronavirus and affirmed that “each province defines the capacities that it is going to use” when carrying out the immunization operation.

The minister gave an account of the fractioning tasks of the 300,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine that were carried out from Thursday 24, the day the plane that transported them from Moscow arrived and began to be sent to each province .

Rossi explained that in the provinces of San Juan, La Rioja and Tierra del Fuego there will be military regiments that will function as vaccination centers.

“The Armed Forces have been working on the vaccination campaign for some time. Each province has a military officer for this operation ”, he assured, and clarified that there are“ 17 military hospitals distributed throughout the country and we are prepared for the vaccination campaign ”.

Rossi explained in radio statements that the capabilities of the Armed Forces were made available to “the provinces”, but it is “each province who decides whether to use them.”

In that context, Rossi He distinguished between the work they are going to do in San Juan, La Rioja and Tierra del Fuego from that of the Buenos Aires territory, since “in the province of Buenos Aires they asked us for support outside the vaccination centers.”

Regarding the distribution of vaccines, the Defense Minister explained that “the transfer to the provinces is in charge of a private company by means of trucks with sufficient refrigeration to maintain the cold chain required by laboratories ”.

In the case of the vaccine Sputnik V doses should be stored at minus 18 degrees.

Rossi said that the vaccination operation that will begin simultaneously throughout the country is the beginning of a schedule that contemplates its continuity during 2021.

We are preparing to vaccinate throughout the year. Our calculation is that we will need all of 2021 to apply the two necessary doses to between 25 and 30 million Argentines, “said Rossi, noting that” we will be able to vaccinate 5 million Argentines per month. “

With regard to vaccines from other laboratories, Rossi was hopeful in being able to add doses of AstraZeneca during the summer.

“Between January and early April We are confident that AstraZeneca vaccines are there, which needs less cold chain than Sputnik ”, he declared.

Rossi also referred to the mid-term elections next year and remarked that “the vaccination and electoral operations are going to be compatible.”

Consulted about the critical letter that the former Minister of Economy published on social networks, Roberto LavagnaHe said that “today the priorities are vaccination and economic recovery via the internal market.”

Regarding the definitions of the vice president Cristina Kirchner in the act that he shared with the president Alberto Fernandez and the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof in At payment, Rossi He said on AM 750: “I am proud to be part of this Government: the ministers are elected by the President.”

“Every reflection of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner it is weighted and must be listened to and understood in its true magnitude. I am proud of my colleagues in the Cabinet ”, he said. Rossi.

Source: Télam

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