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Agreement for the ERE of Ford Almussafes: 630 dismissals in the form of early retirement and incentivized leave

Agreement for the ERE of Ford Almussafes: 630 dismissals in the form of early retirement and incentivized leave

Seven meetings have been necessary so that the plant management and the unions (UGT and CCOO) have reached a agreement on the ERE of Ford Almussafes. There will be 630 workers who will cease to be part of the workforce from May 1 to December 31, through early retirement and incentivized leave.

Ford’s plant in Almussafes will manufacture all hybrid engines for Europe

The workers’ unions have accepted Ford’s latest proposal in which it is stated that the exits will take place from May 1 and that workers have until June 30 to adhere to the voluntary incentives to leave. The company, however, hopes that most of them will be made effective “as soon as possible” to correct the excess workforce it has had since April when the production volume of the company was adjusted. Ford factory in Valencia, going from 1,640 daily units to 1,360.

Early retirements and incentivized leave

The Record of Employment Regulation (ERE) of Ford Almussafes It contemplates a pre-retirement plan from which employees between 55 and 63 years old can benefit, who will receive a variable salary supplement by age of 80% of the regulatory net salary for workers between 55 and 56 years old, and 85% for those aged 57 years. or more.

As published by the EFE agency, “workers between the ages of 63 and 55 on June 30 will be eligible, except those bound by a contract for access to partial retirement.” To all of them, the special agreement of the Social Security, life insurance and guarantee complement will be applied until the age of 64 and 65, depending on the age.

Regarding incentivized leave, will be an option for all employees from 63 years of age except those linked to a temporary contract, relief or access to partial retirement. It offers an indemnity of 45 days per year worked with a maximum of 42 monthly payments, plus a seniority supplement and a special bonus.

The future of Ford Almussafes

Despite the difficulties in reaching a consensus, for the majority union, UGT, it is a “great agreement” to support retirement. It does not mean that it is all work done. From the union they recall that now it is time to start negotiations on the new collective agreement and clear up doubts about the future of the plant that, in 2022, will lose production of the Ford Mondeo.

Taking into account that the oval brand has announced that it will only market zero-emission models in Europe from 2030, only electrified plans can ensure the future of the Valencia factory.

Noelia Lopez April 27, 2021 – 06:17 a.m.

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