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“Against Liverpool, Zidane plays his most important game”, says Hernán Pereyra

In the run-up to the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals. against Liverpool, the Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane, did not hesitate to mention that his team is facing the most important game of the season, no matter that this weekend he will face Barcelona in a game that could define the fate of both in terms of the definition of LaLiga in Spain.

“Zidane has been repeating this concept for a long time every time he has a key game as if he were kicking the ball forward: he maintained Hernan Pereyra in this week’s first installment of the podcast ‘It’s so and that’s it’. “Without a doubt, he hopes he does it so that they don’t ask him about the weekend’s game against Barcelona and it’s good that he does. His team must focus on the game in front of him and the concentration must be set for this Tuesday against the English team and only afterwards see what happens over the weekend, “he said.

However, Pereyra’s analysis did not stop there, but he deepened his concepts saying that “Regardless of the names and the emotional aspect of the team, this game is a litmus test for the team and for its coach”, to then ask himself if Zidane “will he be up to a match like this?

“In the final they played before, he had his team in a good moment, with the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo and the leadership of Sergio Ramos, with a goalkeeper like Keylor Navas. But now it is another story and that is when the tactical approach must appear in a Real Madrid that when it wins it does not convince and when it loses it is full of criticism. The moment of truth has arrived for Real Madrid, but mainly for Zinedine Zidane ”, he emphasized.

Next, Pereyra considered extremely important that Real Madrid will have to show “that self-esteem that they always show in the Champions League, that competitiveness and that feeling that they always grow in difficult moments. It is true that the merengue team is empowered in this competition, however, it will not reach it only with concentration and motivation. It has history, hierarchy and football weight, but to all that we must add a fundamental aspect: Zidane’s strategy and tactical approach, ‘he reiterated.


Real Madrid and Liverpool play the season in a rematch, which the Reds have very nailed

Rodrigo Faez warns that the seasons of both teams depend on how they do in this series of Champions League quarterfinals.

In another section of the segment, the podcast host considered that “to be out of the Champions League would be to be eliminated in another important competition, but if it passes against Liverpool I would be encouraged to say that, due to being three games away from winning a title , it would mean saving the season ”.

In any case, for Pereyra it will not be an easy tie for the white team. “Not having Sergio Ramos is a problem, not having Dani Carvajal or Eden Hazard as well, but he has options to replace them. I think he will play with a line of four, with the trident in the middle between Luka Modric, Casemiro and Toni Kroos and playing forward with Karim Benzema and two that accompany him. “

Finally, Pereyra considered that “Liverpool have the tools to put pressure on them, to recover the ball and hurt it as well. But I want to tell you something: if Madrid intends to win a title this year, this is the litmus test. Today we can find arguments to sustain that there are arguments to criticize or defend him, but now he is facing a litmus test that is not defined tomorrow in the first 90 minutes. However, in that period we can begin to see what this team is made of and, mainly, its coach ”, he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s So and Period ‘, includes the opinion of Hernan Pereyra that Cruz Azul and América deserve to play the final of the Guard1anes 2021 and on the declarations of Guardiola about that he cannot hire forwards at current market prices.

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