After the congress session: Trump agrees to hand over the office

Even after his supporters storm the Capitol, US President Trump does not abandon his allegations of fraud. After Congress confirmed Biden as the election winner, Trump promised an orderly change of power.

The outgoing US President Donald Trump has announced an orderly handover to his successor Joe Biden. He also confirmed that he did not agree with the outcome of the election.

“Even if I absolutely disagree with the election result and the facts confirm me, there will still be an orderly handover on January 20th,” said Trump, according to a message distributed by Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino on Twitter. “This marks the end of the best first presidency in history and yet only the beginning of our struggle to make America great again.” The president’s own Twitter account is temporarily suspended after the riot at the Capitol.

Biden’s election victory confirmed

Previously, the US Congress had formally confirmed the election victory of the Democrat Biden in a session overshadowed by riots at the Capitol. Acting Vice President Mike Pence said that Biden had been elected as Trump’s successor with the vote of 306 voters.

Congress had to suspend its deliberations for several hours because angry supporters of Trump had invaded the Capitol. Senators and members of parliament had to be brought to safety; pictures showed police officers with guns drawn in the middle of parliament. A woman was shot and died afterwards. According to the police, three other people were killed as a result of “medical emergencies”. 14 police officers were injured.

Objections rejected

Trump had recently reiterated his unsubstantiated claims that the election had been cheated. For weeks he had presented this day of the congress session – without any basis – as the last chance to overturn the election result.

Driven by his allegations of fraud, Republicans appealed to the election results from the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania. So they forced the House of Representatives and the Senate to retreat to separate sessions to debate. However, the action had no prospect of success from the start. The Congress Chambers rejected both appeals.

On January 7, 2021, Deutschlandfunk reported on this topic at 11:00 a.m. in the news and the Tagesschau at 12:00 p.m.

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