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After the attack in Amsterdam – crime reporter Peter de Vries dies

Now it is certain: the Dutch police reporter Peter de Vries (64) did not survive the attack on him.

The prominent journalist was taken to a hospital seriously wounded after the attack on the evening of July 6 and has now succumbed to his serious injuries. The family announced on Thursday in Amsterdam.

“Peter fought to the end, but was not able to win the fight,” said a statement from his relatives. Accordingly, he died in the presence of his loved ones.

The family continues: “We are incredibly proud of him and at the same time heartbroken.”

The insidious assassination attempt

On Tuesday (July 6th) around 7.30 p.m. Peter de Vries came from the TV studio of “RTL Boulevard” in Amsterdam. Suddenly there were shots: a man with a motorcycle helmet fired five times at de Vries – a bullet hit his head!

The shooter is said to have been rapper Delano G. (21). That night, the police stopped a car on the A4, around 60 kilometers from Amsterdam. Two suspects were arrested – in addition to Delano G. also a Pole (35), Kamil E., who is said to have driven the getaway car.

On Friday lunchtime, the two suspects were driven in armored SUVs to Amsterdam’s law bank. There the judge announced: Kamil E. and Delano G. will remain in custody for two more weeks.

Delano G’s family suspect that he was promised a reward of 150,000 euros for the murder of de Vries.

Journalist de Vries was most recently the confidante of the most important key witness in a trial against the alleged drug lord Ridouan Taghi.

According to earlier information from de Vries, he was on Taghi’s “hit list”. The drug lord is the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands, his organization is described by prosecutors as a “well-oiled killing machine”.

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