After storming the Capitol: Trump’s deposition is being discussed in the US government

After storming the Capitol
The US administration is discussing Trump’s removal from office

The Republicans supported US President Trump for four years. The storm on the Capitol made some think again. The US government is even considering removing Trump.

Several US media reports that government officials in Washington are debating whether President Donald Trump can be removed from office before his successor Joe Biden is inaugurated.

The Washington Post reported that “high-ranking government officials” spoke on Wednesday evening about whether the cabinet could remove Trump from office on the basis of the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution. The newspaper cites a source who is involved in the discussions. Another person told the Washington Post, however, that these discussions are “informal” and that there is no indication of an imminent plan.

CNN reports that “a growing number” of top Republican politicians and cabinet officials believe Trump should be ousted before January 20, the day of Biden’s inauguration. Some cabinet members had “preliminary talks” to activate the 25th Amendment.

The news site “The Hill” writes that it is not yet clear whether this discussion has already reached the level of cabinet members. Vice President Mike Pence was not involved in the discussions.

The impeachment of a US president would be an unprecedented step. According to the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, a president can be removed from office if the vice-president and a majority in the cabinet consider that the latter is incapable of exercising his office. The Vice President can also initiate the removal together with a majority of a congressional body. Another possibility would be to re-initiate an impeachment procedure.

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