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Kenosha – The case led to protests against racism and police violence in Kenosha in the summer, some of which ended in serious riots. Officials shot African American Jacob Blake during an operation in August.

Now, more than four months later, District Attorney Michael Graveley announced that he would not be charged with any of the officers. His justification: the civil servants’ right to self-defense. “No Kenosha police officer is charged with any crime in this case.”

Prosecutor Michael Graveley announces the ruling against the police officers' charges

Prosecutor Michael Graveley announces the ruling against the police officers’ chargesPhoto: AP

The white policeman Rusten S. shot Blake seven times in the back during an operation on 23 August last year. Blake, then 29, survived seriously injured and has been paralyzed ever since.

Graveley said the police officer S. feared during the operation that Blake would attack him with a knife and therefore shot. The police had been called to the scene of a dispute and had also known that there was an existing arrest warrant against Blake.

Just about three months before the Jacob Blake case, the African American George Floyd was killed in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Floyd’s death sparked ongoing protests against police violence and racism across the country.

President-elect Joe Biden had met with Blake’s family and telephoned the seriously injured man. The family man had been shot seven times in the back. The outgoing President Donald Trump had demonstratively sided with the police and described the protests as domestic terror.

The United Nations rated the policeman’s shooting at the African American as “excessive violence”. Judging from the video recordings, the procedure was very likely also discriminatory, said the UN human rights office in Geneva.

Because she feared new protests on Tuesday, the city government of Kenosha had declared a state of emergency on the city before the decision of the public prosecutor and mobilized the national guard.

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