After Elisa Carrió’s announcement, the PRO seeks Peronist votes in the province

Elisa Carrió’s move in the province of Buenos Aires accelerated movements in Together for Change in the face of the electoral dispute in the main district of the country. Miguel Pichetto distanced himself on an eventual candidacy on that ballot, although he asked do not repeat the “error” of the anti-Peronist discourse during the campaign. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta focused criticism on him “Christinism” in an act in Lanús. The founder of the Civic Coalition had targeted Emilio Monzó and based her application on not leaving representation in that territory limited to leaders originating from the PJ.

With the pending decision of María Eugenia Vidal, profiled to be a candidate in the province Although it will finish defining it after the summer, the opposition coalition began to assemble the puzzle with the interests – sometimes crossed – of each sector and the need to resist the Frente de Todos in the bastion of Kirchnerism.

She is going to dedicate herself to tour the country. It will not be limited to a province, or to the City, beyond being a candidate afterwards. That is going to define it at the last minute, “they advanced near the former governor.

No member of JxC came out to question Carrió’s announcement, although both in the PRO and in radicalism they questioned if it will be on the listSeveral interpreted it as a strategy to secure seats for legislators who will expire next year, in that and other districts.

In the Civic Coalition they prepare to fight. Lilita is willing to be. Not because of the desire to assume as a deputy. What she does not want is that, if María Eugenia does not appear, Together for Change in the province depend only on the leaders of Peronism”, One of Carrió’s slopes drew the scene. In that sense, the look goes beyond Monzó: it also includes other references such as Cristian Ritondo -with aspirations to govern the province-, Diego Santilli, with the possibility of crossing the district in the next electoral turn or in 2023, and the mayors of the PRO.

True to his strategy of trying to stay out of conflict, and of adding the largest possible ideological spectrum as in the City, Rodríguez Larreta maintains a close relationship with Carrió beyond the onslaught against those men aligned with your project.

At the same time, the head of the Buenos Aires government led a event in Lanús with Néstor Grindetti and leaders from the PJ of the Third Section away from the Front of All. In that meeting there were not only no criticisms of Peronism but also of Kirchnerism: the darts remained bounded to “christinism” and the preponderance of the guidelines of the vice president in the management of Alberto Fernández. Rodríguez Larreta invited them to be part of Together for Change and enunciated the commitment that “Everyone be part”, given the misgivings about the limited places that the macrismo gave to the former PJ in the 2019 elections.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, in an act in Lanús with Néstor Grindetti and leader of the PJ away from the Frente de Todos.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, in an act in Lanús with Néstor Grindetti and leader of the PJ away from the Frente de Todos.

“You have to work to add to the disenchanted with the administration of the Government and the advance of the socialist model of the XXI century, as Chávez baptized it, on the Peronist ideology ”, the deputy Alvaro González, owner of Rodríguez Larreta, reinforced the strategy.

“Peronism has pending a self-criticism. Hopefully a strong sector with ideas different from those who govern today can be incorporated as the fourth leg of this republican space”Said Ritondo, aligned with the head of government although closer to Vidal.

Another of the names that sounded for the list in the province, Pichetto relativized that version after 26 years in Congress until December 2019. “I’m more interested in construction for 2023, I’m not thinking of a candidacy“, said to Clarion the former vice presidential candidate, who without mentioning Carrió asked to leave behind the anti-Peronist discourse that was repeated during the government of Mauricio Macri.

That gorilla worldview is a mistake, does not allow a broader view or understand the experience of 40%, where there were actors and votes of Peronism. You cannot stop recognizing this political fact. ” The former senator proposed to set up the Federal Republican Alternative space to integrate it into Juntos por el Cambio, although its launch was postponed. In the province he had meetings with Joaquín De La Torre, Jesús Cariglino and Luis Acuña.

On the radical side, with a pending internal dispute, the result of the competition between Maximiliano Abad and Gustavo Posse for the Province Committee will be decisive in the definition of the candidacies by the UCR, with Facundo Manes again as a possible candidate for the ruling party of Daniel Salvador.

The Posse sector has the support of Martín Lousteau and Monzó, prepared to compete in the PASO if Carrió confirms his candidacy. Grindetti, Jorge Macri, Diego Valenzuela, Julio Garro and other PRO mayors in turn pressure to have interference in the assembly of the lists, with an eye on the 2023 election for governor.

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