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After Corona lockdown – Here the British roll into Benidorm again

Something is rolling towards Spain’s east coast … especially sun-hungry Britons!

Benidorm (Spain) – Since Monday (October 4th, 2021), new corona regulations have been in effect when entering Great Britain. And that is causing a flood of British tourists in Benidorm, Spain. Soak up the sun on the Costa Blanca instead of autumn weather on the local island!

Fully vaccinated Britons no longer need a test before flying back home. The traffic light system with green, yellow and red markings for each country has now been abolished. Spain is no longer on the “red list” anyway.

From now on, the red in Benidorm is at most the upper bodies of British tourists who, with buckets of beer in front of the pubs, make a familiar image in “Little England” (this is how the nightlife areas in Benidorm are jokingly called).

Before the pandemic, the proportion of British tourists in the summer months was 43 percent, according to the local hotel association “Hosbec”, ahead of the Spanish with 41 percent. The new Corona regulations are now again luring British package tourists to the skyscraper city on the Costa Blanca. Many hotels and pubs have now reopened. Some of them after being closed for over a year.

“Hosbec” President, Toni Mayor, said to the “Dailymail”: “The situation has improved drastically. There is a British atmosphere again in Benidorm, which reminds me of the atmosphere before the pandemic broke out. “

Currently, 20 percent of those who travel to Benidorm are British. “With the other 20 percent that will hopefully return, it looks like it’s going to be a good fall and a good winter. Possibly the best winter we’ve had in recent years, ”Mayor hopes.

From the end of October, Brits will no longer have to take a PCR test on the second day they arrive in England. The test, which costs up to 50 pounds (around 59 euros), will then be replaced by a cheaper quick test. Scotland and Wales decide independently about their corona policy and sometimes have somewhat stricter rules.

Airlines and tour operators were hit hard during the corona pandemic, accusing the government of being too slow in easing travel regulations.

So now a rethink that should also please Benidorm’s mayor, Toni Perez. In June he said: “We know that we are a popular travel destination for the British and there is a desire in Britain to open the borders. But also with us, in order to be able to receive British vacationers. ”

The wishes for relaxed corona regulations were heard. Now the ruble can roll again with the British …

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