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After controversy over advertising, ‘Epa Colombia’ apologized to the Afro community

Epa Colombia is one of the most talked about influencers in the country. After controversy over advertising, Epa Colombia apologized to the Afro community

For no one is a secret that constantly gives something to talk about on social networks.

And it is that his Keratin venture has had several problems.

That is why he asked Claudia López, Mayor of Bogotá for help and now it seems that things are working out.

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However, this Tuesday Daneidy became a trend on social networks and received a lot of criticism.

This, due to an advertisement on their social networks, in which an Afro woman spoke about her keratin.

And is that while they were doing it in the video, she affirmed that this way she would “regain her dignity”.

“A change that has restored my dignity and with which I have recovered much of what I had lost” says the woman.

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His words quickly became the target of criticism.

Therefore, on Twitter, many expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation and specifically with the words “recovering dignity”.

Now, through their social networks, Daneidy Barrera and the protagonist of the video have apologized.

First Epa assured that it was a mistake, since the woman had to say “self-esteem” and not “dignity.”

However, he defended her from the comments and even assured that if they ask him, he will delete the video.

On the other hand, the woman who starred in the video commented that she wanted to have more confidence and security in herself, but with this she did not seek to denigrate anyone.

“I want to tell you that my words in the video do not mean that I am denigrating Afro women, I wanted a change for my life. This does not mean that women with afro hair are less than the othershe claimed.

After controversy over advertising, Epa Colombia apologized to the Afro community

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For now, this has not been commented on on social networks, as there the subject continues to be a matter of discussion.

The truth is that although many have criticized Epa, others have defended it.

However, many women in the Afro community have been offended by the publicity.

Let’s remember that …

During the last months of 2020, the businesswoman had problems with her keratins.

And it is that, apparently it did not have the authorizations of the Invima to commercialize the product.

In addition, he denounced that some of his employees were stealing products from him.

However, despite the problems, the businesswoman continued to help those who need it most.

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