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After an accident in the USA – firefighter comforts girl on the curb

This photo touches the hearts of Americans – and everyone celebrates Fireman Ryan!

The city of Billings in the US state of Montana: After a serious car accident, the rescue workers move out. Among other things, they find a little girl in a wrecked car. And here the story of a real hero begins.

In a photo published by the Billings Fire Department after the accident, a truck with blue lights can be seen in the background. But the story of the photo takes place on a curb in the foreground.

You can see the fireman Ryan Benton, who is sitting on the floor with the little girl. He shines his flashlight on a book or magazine while the girl crouches next to him. The fire brigade wrote: “It’s the little things.”

While the girl apparently did not suffer any serious injuries, it remained unknown what happened to the other party involved in the accident and whether, for example, the girl’s parents were involved in the crash.

For this, the social media users took care of the appropriate applause for fireman Ryan:

► The author of the photo, Allie Marie Schmalz, wrote touchedly: “This is the cutest scene ever. This firefighter is reading books to a little girl after she was involved in an accident. I love our first responders. “

► Katy Benton, the firefighter’s wife, wrote: “It makes me so proud to see pictures like these.”

► A user from the Netherlands wrote: “Great! I hope your parents are fine. “

Despite the praises, Firefighter Ryan remained humble and did not comment on the incident. His colleague Cameron Abell took care of it: “First of all, we always have to do our job. That’s a priority. But it often happens that we experience stories like this. “

As Abell further described, the emergency services in Billings always have bags with books with them – to give children a little security in accident situations like this.

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