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After a harmless accident – man shoots around with baby in his arms

It was a harmless car accident – but apparently reason enough for Ladon Penn (31) to shoot a group of women with a gun. Crazy: The American who went wild was holding a baby in his arms.

What happened? As several US media reported unanimously, there was a crash between two drivers at an intersection in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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The vehicles remained undamaged in the minor accident. Nevertheless, one road user threatened the other: “I’ll get my husband now, and you’d better get yours!”

The husband of the woman who had made the threat came a short time later – in the person of Ladon Penn. As the police of the 310,000-inhabitant city announced, this opened fire on a group of three women. One of them was the other driver involved in the accident.

A video, of which the officials only posted screenshots on the Internet, shows Ladon Penn shooting around. He holds the baby in his arms. The women were lucky: one of them was only grazed by a graze. The wound on the forearm was not deep.

Ladon Penn and his partner fled the scene with their toddler. Only a few blocks away, police officers were able to stop the car. The law enforcement officers seized the alleged murder weapon, a 9-millimeter pistol. Ladon Penn was arrested.

The American is now being charged three times: for assault, endangering children and improper use of firearms. Ladon Penn is no stranger to the Cincinnati police: the 31-year-old has already been tried several times, including for theft and heroin trafficking. He also had to answer for firearms offenses.

It is not known whose baby it was on the arm of the rabid Sagittarius.

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