after 104 days, Neuquén had no deaths from coronavirus

Good news. After 104 consecutive days, the province of Neuquén reported no deaths from coronavirus. The last day on which no fatalities had been registered had been September 11.

Thus, the number of deaths remains at 820 during the pandemic.

In addition, the Ministry of Health reported that there were 167 new infections in the last 24 hours and that there were 115 recovered.

Of the total, 53 corresponded to residents of Neuquén capital, 19 of Junín de los Andes, 15 of It lights up, 12 of Plottier, 11 out of San martin de los andes, 9 of The slabs, 8 of Eagle Stone, 6 Tricao Malal, 5 of Rincon de los Sauces, 4 of Simple, 4 of Villa La Angostura, 4 of Aluminé, 3 of Picún Leufú, 3 of Cutral Co, 3 of Descent of the Agio, 2 of Huincul Square, 2 of The Chañar and 2 of Chos Malal.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, province counts 39,900 positive cases, of which 2,836 are active patients who are transiting the disease.

Of the patients, 87 are admitted to intensive care, 15 to intermediate and 151 to general. In turn, there are 2,583 people who are in their homes under outpatient treatment.

In last night’s report, it was also reported that the occupation of beds in the Intensive Care Units in the province is 85%.

Covid Castro Rendón Unit

Sebastián Fariña Petersen

The asset ranking

Neuquén capital is the city with the most coronavirus assets with 710. Second is San Martín de los Andes with 328, which has ten more than Rincon de los Sauces.

Then it ranks fourth Junín de los Andes with 313 patients and fifth is Plottier, with 229. Then appear It lights up with 154, Eagle Stone with 108 and Aluminé with 104.

Among the cities with less than 100 cases are The slabs with 96, Loncopué with 78, Huincul Square with 76, Centenary with 47, San Patricio Del Chañar with 43, Good views with 37, Picún Leufú with 30, Cutral Co with 25, Simple with 25, Mariano Moreno with 23, Villa La Angostura with 21, Chos Malal with 16 and Villa Pehuenia with 13.

Meanwhile, the localities with less than ten cases are Villa Traful with 9, Tricao Malal with 8, Add it with 6, St Thomas with 4, Buta Ranquil with 4, Bajada del Agrio With 3, The Catutos With 3, Las Coloradas with 3 and The sheep with 2.

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