African American was unarmed: policeman fired after fatal shooting

African American was unarmed
Police officer fired after being shot dead

In the city of Columbus, Ohio, a police officer is called to clear up a minor matter. Instead, he shoots an unarmed black man several times. Video recordings of the fact lead to his release.

A white officer has been sacked after a fatal police operation against an African American in the city of Columbus, Ohio. The evidence justifies the dismissal of the policeman, said local police chief Thomas Quinlan. The officer had previously been suspended from duty because of the incident.

Recordings from the official’s body camera released last week show him killing 47-year-old Andre Maurice Hill with multiple gunshots in a house garage. Hill didn’t carry a gun. The incident caused great outrage.

The policeman had been called to the location about a minor incident. According to media reports, it was about a man who sat in a car and repeatedly started and switched it off. During another police operation less than three weeks earlier, an African American was also shot dead by the police in Columbus.

In the past year there were months of nationwide protests against excessive police violence and racism in the United States. The demonstrations were triggered by the death of the unarmed African American George Floyd in a police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the end of May. On the fringes of the mostly peaceful protests, there were repeated riots.

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