Aerion intends to conduct high-speed commercial flights with supersonic aircraft

One of the worlds in which technology has been placing more emphasis in recent years is the sector of the transport. Aviation has been improving little by little, and the company Aerion has announced its ambitious goal of launching a supersonic commercial aircraft, the AS3.

The plane would have a total of 50 passengers at a range of 13,000 kilometers. For example, you could go from Los Angeles to Tokyo in just 3 hours. An unusual event so far. Aerion has announced that the project will start from 2023, despite the fact that at the end of this year they began to give more details of the plane.

It is clear that Aerion’s main objective is to carry out flights
high speed commercials and travel much faster than we know today. This would mean that the ship can reach between 3,600 and 6,100 kilometers per hour compared to almost 1,000 for a Boeing 747.

High speed commercial flights in Spain

If we extrapolate these calculations a Spain, we realize that the trip from one city to another becomes practically laughable. The union between Asturias and Alicante it would take 12 minutes, the connection MadridTenerife, 24; BarcelonaThe palms34th JerezSaint Sebastian, 14.

There are no supersonic flights, which is why Aerion is being posed is a full-blown challenge for air mobility. The company has pointed out in a statement that it is expected to “incorporate revolutionary advances in technology to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.”

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