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Adidas launches Stan Smith Mylo, the first sneakers made from mushrooms

Recently, the German clothing brand and sports shoes, Adidas, gave a 360 turn to his classics Stan Smith and turned them into the first sneakers made from mushrooms.

For three years the German brand Adidas he joined to Bolt Threads to create a sustainable material to make your tennis and today they are already a reality, because Stan Smith Mylo they are already available on the market.

According to the creators, the material Mylo With which the tennis shoes are made, it is made with mycelium, which is a food of the fungi and they also use a vertical agriculture technique in a laboratory so that said fungus takes less than two weeks to grow.

“Meet Stan Smith Mylo. With an upper partially created with Mylo material, a natural alternative to leather. Mylo is made with mycelium, the root structure of fungi, taking advantage of natural technologies, billions of years in the making, to shape the future of footwear. “they wrote on their official Instagram.

The design of the new Stan Smith from Adidas It is still classic, but with the great difference of being made with this resistant and sustainable material that looks just like leather.

In accordance with ForbesGlobal Director Brand Sustainability David Quass mentioned that it was quite interesting to take something that grows in nature and then reproduce it in a controlled environment.

“We are on a journey to create a more sustainable world. Consortium partner @adidas chose the simple and classic Stan Smith as the first shoe silhouette made with Mylo. ​​The outer upper, the 3 perforated stripes, the tongue overlay The heel and premium branding are made with Mylo, while the shoe’s midsole is made with natural rubber to unlock a sustainable and renewable future. “, they wrote in a publication.

“Introducing Mylo as a new material is a huge step forward in our bold ambition to help end plastic waste.”said Amy Jones Vaterlaus, Global Future Director at @adidas.

They also pointed out that mycelium, the material from which tennis shoes are made, is regenerative, grows abundantly in nature and feeds on natural resources. In turn, Stan Smith Mylo They are free of animals and being renewable they consider that it is a step to the tennis of the future friendly with the environment.

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