accuses damage to TV rights for sale of Fox Sports

Santos Laguna will face a giant in its lawsuit against Walt Disney, alleging breach of contract in a complaint filed in Los Angeles.

The club maintains that Disney left few options to be able to televise their games in Mexico after the entertainment company decided to sell broadcast assets to adquirir 21st Century Fox.

Disney agreed to liquidate the Mexican assets of FSLA Holdings, a Fox subsidiary, which include the broadcast rights of Santos’ matches, to prevent local regulators from blocking the purchase of Fox, according to the complaint.

“We consider the claims to be unfounded and will defend ourselves vigorously against them,” a Disney spokesperson replied.

Santos claims that he faces the possibility of losing his contract entirely or being acquired by a company that would not give you access to a similar audience in a ‘clearance sale’.

According to the club, ESPN, the only sports television network in Mexico that resembles it in importance, is owned by Disney and it agreed with regulators not to buy Mexican assets downloaded by the entertainment company, according to the complaint.

“There are no other major international sports networks in Mexico beyond ESPN and FSLA, therefore there would be no equivalent third parties that they could take over the FSLA deals, ”argued the club in its complaint against FSLA, now known as TFCF Holdings.

Santos says Disney, FSLA and Mexico’s telecommunications regulator continue to exclude the club from the divestment process even though their contract with FSLA specifically prohibits it.

The complaint was filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Santos seeks compensation for his damages and declarations of his rights.

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