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Account lock lifted: Trump is allowed to tweet again

Account blocked
Trump is allowed to tweet again

Just a few hours after the riots in Washington, Facebook and Twitter block US President Trump from their platforms. At least Twitter is now giving the Republican back control of his account. With Facebook, however, things are different.

The outgoing US President Donald Trump has access to his most important communication channel again: The short message service Twitter announced that the lock on Trump’s account has been lifted. However, Twitter will continue to evaluate Trump’s activities and statements “in real time,” added the company.

In view of the riot at the seat of the US Congress on Wednesday, Twitter blocked the account of the president who was voted out for twelve hours. This was triggered by three notifications with alleged misinformation about the presidential election in November.

In a clip, Trump called on his demonstrating supporters after the storming of the Capitol in Washington to go “home”. At the same time, however, he repeated his unsubstantiated claims of alleged election fraud and assured his supporters: “We love you.”

Twitter justified the drastic intervention with “repeated and serious” violations of Trump against the guidelines of the company in the fight against false information. There were no new messages on the US President’s Twitter account until Thursday evening local time.

The online platforms Facebook and Instagram also blocked Trump’s accounts on Wednesday. In contrast to Twitter, however, the president does not have access to it for the time being: The ban, which was initially imposed for 24 hours, will remain “for an indefinite period”, but at least until the handover on January 20, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Twitter is Trump’s premier digital platform for reaching out directly to his following. In the past few months, the online service had already focused more on Trump’s messages and repeatedly provided its contributions with warnings.

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