According to the media report, Morocco wants to suspend relations with the German embassy

The move would mean a diplomatic scandal: Morocco wants to break off contact with the German embassy in Rabat, according to a report on the news website “Medias24”.

The portal quotes from a letter that Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita is said to have sent to the Moroccan government on Monday. According to “Medias24”, the letter should apparently be kept under lock and key. The internal letter was also available to Reuters news agency late on Monday evening.

“Any contact” with the German embassy, ​​any “contact or cooperative action in all cases and all forms” will be suspended, it says. The reason given in the unilateral letter was “deep misunderstandings” on “fundamental questions about the Kingdom of Morocco”.

As Reuters reports, citing a high-ranking Moroccan diplomat, the move is said to be based, among other things, on the federal government’s position on the territory of Western Sahara. Reuters quotes the diplomat as saying that there was “contempt” in the way Germany reacted to the US recognizing Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara in December. In response to the US move, Germany had convened a UN Security Council meeting.

In addition, there should be upset Moroccan that the country was not invited to an international Libya conference.

The Foreign Office does not want to comment on the letter

There was initially no official communication from the Moroccan side. According to the dpa news agency, the German embassy in Rabat could not be reached at first. The Foreign Office initially did not want to comment on the letter when asked by SPIEGEL. However, the reports were noted.

In the letter, Moroccan authorities are asked to cut off “all contact” – both with the German embassy in Rabat and with German organizations associated with the embassy. Exceptions would have to be explicitly approved by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Federal Foreign Office describes relations with Morocco on the Internet as “traditionally close, friendly and free of tension”. The Friedrich-Ebert-, Konrad-Adenauer- and Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung have their own offices in the country. Both countries also have strong economic and trade ties.

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