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According to a survey by the company founded by Bill Gates, 41% of workers think about leaving their job

A new survey from the tech giant Microsoft takes a red card to the bosses. According to information collected in more than 30 countries, most workers feel they are struggling or simply surviving in pandemic working conditions. Also, a large percentage of them consider leaving their employer this year. In opposition, the majority of business leaders surveyed say they are “thriving.”

The information that was revealed and disseminated by the company founded by Bill Gates on March 22, threw the main effects of the coronavirus pandemic in the world. “Our research shows that it is likely that 41% of the global workforce consider leaving their current employer within the next year, and 46% plan to make an important change or a professional transition ”, they affirmed from the technology company.

According to him Work Trend Index At Microsoft, which surveyed about 30,000 people from a wide variety of companies in 31 countries, 54% of workers said they were overworked, while 39% of them said they were exhausted.

In particular, the only group surveyed that claims to be in a prosperous stage are managers and business leaders.

The workers of the Gen Z, 18-25 year olds, women and workers on the front lines are among the worst off and they are the ones who reported the greatest challenges.

“Leaders are disconnected”, maintains the document that was generated as a result of the survey. “61% say they are prospering, that’s 23% more than the average worker, so there is a disconnect there ‘,” they emphasize from Microsoft.

“There is a feeling that all of a sudden the boundaries are gone: ‘My boss somehow thinks he can wake me up at 7 and keep pinging me at 7, 8 or 9 pm,’” notes the document, which underlines : “We think it’s important for people to recognize that human people perform better on a schedule.”


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