Accident reported during Aeroméxico plane takeoff in Cancun

According to the reports, the engine failed on takeoff, which caused a kind of sit-down in the aircraft.

This Sunday, users reported a accident on the flight 549 of Aeromexico, which took off from Cancún to Mexico City (CDMX).

According to reports, the engine failed on takeoff, causing a kind of senton on the aircraft. The passengers were evicted and some suffered some blows.

Accident was caused by a bird strike

Aeroméxico reported in a statement that the captain of flight AM549 aborted takeoff at the Cancun International Airport for a fault presented in the engine, due to a bird strike during the take-off run.

The aircraft is being serviced and customers will be relocated to another flight so they can reach their destination, according to Aeromexico.

The airline regretted the inconvenience caused by the event.

Group Aeromexico He is currently in labor negotiations with the Aviators’ Trade Union Association (ASPA) of Mexico.

On December 31, the ASPA reported that it rejected an alternate proposal from Aeroméxico that contemplates reducing union costs.

Due to the economic blow from the coronavirus pandemic, Grupo Aeroméxico requested bankruptcy protection in June, included in chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Law from the United States.

Thus, Grupo Aeroméxico requested permits in November to lay off 1,830 employees, including 855 unionized workers.

However, the ASPA has rejected the proposals of Grupo Aeroméxico, an airline, which, like others, restricted its flights because of the pandemic.

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